Monday, 3 June 2013

And so I waited

I am at the airport. Still. Which is kind of an impatient thing to say as I have only been here an hour and I have a book to keep occupied with so I'm not exactly bored....more jumpy which is stupid because I know she is safe. 

She just should have landed 40 minutes ago but she is at another airport. Sat on a landing strip. Well, her plane is and she is on the plane because to just be one little human sat in the middle of an airport landing strip would just be silly. 

And to think I was stressing about getting here late because the sun came out for the one day a year it comes out in Blackpool and the world and his wife decided they wanted to shop for BBQ food and clog up the roads. 

Worrying for nothing because I was still here with 20 minutes to spare I parked the car, though not sure I parked in the right place as I got a car park token instead of a car park ticket, I got a drink and sat to wait. A text from Beautiful B and I'm getting excited because it means she has landed right and they are just waiting to be allowed off the plane?  Wrong. 

Meanwhile, having slaved over putting together a garden glider I have coveted for 2 years, ALL morning, Hubby is preparing a 'welcome back BBQ' for Beautiful B that may now not go ahead. Best laid plans as they say. 

I have heartburn and since 10am this morning it has been driving me slowly but surely insane. 

A poor man on Beautiful B's flight has had a heart attack mid flight and the plane diverted to London Garwick. Beautiful B was texting to tell me she had arrived but at the wrong airport.  So I shouldn't really complain at just having heartburn but I am because it is hurting. 

They are currently waiting to find out whether the plane can take off again to here or whether they will need a connecting flight. Meanwhile, it has taken the notification boards 50 minutes to notify the diversion which begs the question: by the time they notify a take off or revised landing time will Beautiful B already be here and will we have already set off home in the car? 

Newsflash: text from Beautiful B - They might be taking off, mind you they may be taxi-ing them to a gate to disembark for 5 hours! 

I'm wondering if the kids will be too tired and strung out to want a welcome back to anything by the time they get to me! 

Seen as I brought a book I had best get to reading it and let's just hope that by the time you read this post tomorrow morning we all arrived home before nightfall. 

In the meantime I am off to swallow a bottle of Gaviscon. 

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