Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What I learned this week

The sun is shining and it’s warm enough to leave my car windows open slightly when in work which is always a good thing.  So this week, among other things, I have confirmed my belief that I am a summer person, not a winter person.

This week I have learned:

Its easy to get annoyed when you spend a whole day in bed with a really bad head cold when the sun is shining outside

Having a cold on top of recovering from pleurisy makes it difficult to do any kind of moving around without breathlessness

If I ever lose my sense of smell permanently I would be a lot thinner because the lack of taste makes eating very boring

Defrosting a lot of meat for a planned surprise welcome back BBQ for Beautiful B and Ry is not a good idea because planes may very well be diverted and 3 hours late arriving

Hubby is totally incapable of BBQ’ing less than enough meat to feed the whole neighbourhood

The man who hates DIY of any sort is a wonderful man, which you already know, because when he has sent you to bed early to try and help a cold he will sit downstairs and build fire pits and BBQ’s so they are ready for you the next day

Hubby isn’t very good at deciphering DIY instructions unless they are spelt out step by step.  Eventually, you will take the instructions off him and manage the building of a garden slider before steam starts to come out of his ears

I was right to covert the garden slider for 2 years, it is fabulous and after last night mum is sold as it is low enough to allow her feet to touch the floor which, trust me, is no mean feat.  She has informed Dad that she wants one.

Knowing that the weather is apparently here to stay for a little I am sitting here and hoping that the nice warm weather continues into next week as the garden glider is calling to me and my book

I really cannot see me getting any household jobs or treasury work done this week while the weather is this warm

Leaving it until the day before your daughters birthday to get her present is one of the worst ideas (of lack of) that I have ever had.

So what did you learn this week?

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