Saturday, 1 June 2013

Eyes open, wide awake

No I am not doing an impression of Paul McKenna’s hypnotism act but rather an indication that I may have been up at stupid o’clock – otherwise known as 1.30am. 

After getting home from work at 7.30pm last night, I decided to be responsible and have an early night knowing a long day is ahead today.  After nagging him apparently, (good job he was joking) about looking at garden furniture he went to watch football.  In my defence, he did promise to have a look at the internet links when I got home – I was home.

Angel and I waxed lyrical about both being successful for 2 job vacancies in the same school, what mischief we could get up to and how we would take them by storm.  After watching TV for 2 ½ hours, a miracle in itself as I am normally asleep within 30 minutes, I woke at 1.30am with a headache.  Pills were in order and being wide awake I led under the covers reading a blog archive on my iPhone so as to not wake Hubby waiting for sleep to overtake me; unfortunately it didn’t, it ran in the other direction.

I can only assume that I am so wide awake at the moment because I am Tramadol assisted. Hubby thinks I woke up at 4am and I will continue to let him believe that so he doesn’t have a coronary.  Working until 8pm tonight I have a valid reason for looking like a zombie when I return home.

My day will be nicely broken up with a trip to the garden centre where I can oooh and aaah over garden furniture and hopefully return to work with a fire pit. 

On a completely different note:

Beautiful B is due home on Sunday and as I am getting more and more excited each day I suspect I will be unable to keep still when driving to collect her.

She has found a stray dog on her travels.  There are lots on the Greek Islands and it is just like Beth to stumble across one.  Being a dog lover and well, Beautiful B she has been taking it ham to eat each day.  On Tuesday night I received a text to say she had discovered the dog had 9 small puppies and by the text I could tell she was crying as she typed it.  I found her an animal shelters phone number using the wonders of google and they will take care of the dogs, feeding them each day until they have room in the shelter and they will sterilise the mum so she cannot struggle to feed babies in the future.

This is typical of Beautiful B and you can guarantee that she and Ry will scout all stores to try and find a way of feeding them proper dog food until they come home.  What she has done is exactly what I would have done and it is yet more evidence of how caring she is. She has taken lots of photos to show me because she knows that I would have been just as distraught at having to leave the fluff bags to sleep on the street.  If she could find a way to fetch all 10 dogs home she would.  I would wager that if I would let her she would quarantine all 10 dogs and then fetch them home. 

I know I have to wait for her to come home but I so don’t want to.  Both she and Ry are going to have to ensure they breathe deeply before I get hold of them because I may just squish them so tightly they lose the ability to breathe.

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