Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What I learned this week

I'm a bit late today because I was busy yesterday doing, well....nothing.  So even I am asking myself the question why did I not arrange posts in advance as usual.  Anyhoo, this week I have had a lot of time to catch up on sky planners, books (of which I read all of about 20 pages), game playing and accounts (of which I did very little).  So what did I learn:

  • You can stuff a dogs bed too much....to the extend that it is almost as tall as Abi fluff, and you can wonder if it was the wrong thing to do when Freddy refuses to lie on the big bed that you bought him and then lovingly stuff with more fluff;
  • You can again decide that you are too good (?bad) at insisting on things working out straight away because 24 hours later he will happily sleep on his bed that now feels like a cloud;
  • Accounts for the football club appear to be at the bottom of an importance list regardless of whether they should be there or not;
  • Organising dinners in advance on a sunny bank holiday is not such a good idea because impromtu BBQ invites materlise from nowhere;
  • Impromtu BBQ in the sun invites are brilliant;
  • You can catch up 40% of programmes on the TV planner quite easily when on leave from work for a week;
  • TV watching gets in the way of reading any of the 70+ books you have stored in the house for reading;
  • The house is surprisingly quiet without Beautiful B in it;
  • Listening to Beautiful B and Ry's banter over the telephone from Greece makes your heart sing;
  • You can resist tidying Beautiful B's room for her with a lot of effort especially when you are not sure she will appreciate it as you both treasure her personal space;
  • You can actually look forward to driving to Manchester if you are picking up your Beautiful B from the airport;
  • If you spend all week playing computer games and catching up on TV programmes it leaves you an awful lot of things to do on your last day of annual leave.
So what did you learn this week?

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