Monday, 27 May 2013

Impromptu Invites

I sent Hubby out to do overtime on Saturday while I finished off the house spring clean.  Having taken my time with it during my week off work I still had the garden to finish and was adding to my 'to do' list by the hour.

None of this has been helped by more computer game playing than cleaning during the week but having stubbornly refused to take a migraine pill on Friday because 'it wasn't too painful' I admitted defeat and went to bed at 6pm only to wake at 9pm thinking I had slept through the night. On discovering I hadn't and hyped up on Tramadol I was then awake until 2.30am.  As a result, I didn't dare sit down on Saturday for fear of falling asleep.

Now we all know I am extremely weird and I had visibly relaxed on Friday once my wooden floors were all clean and streak free and so I set to doing the same thing to the patio; well not streak free because it's Indian stone paving and you aren't going to get that shiny but you get the idea.

Having broken the power washer being stupid and, yet again, stubborn a few weeks earlier I almost crippled myself with a more than lack lustre performance from the hosepipe and a stubborn refusal from the yard brush to make life easy for me.  Ignoring my back which was screaming at me for a break I then spent another 30 minutes bent over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame spraying the moss with a 'moss-killer' before refusing to let the fluff bags outside to play until it dried.  Harder than it sounds, trust me, because despite being covered in hair the girlies love sunbathing.

Having endured 30 minutes of crying from all 3 girlies I opened the back door and as they sunned themselves for the rest of the afternoon, I set to steam cleaning the oven and the kitchen floor well....because I can and the fact that my oven door is like a mirror drives me insane when it isn't streakfree.

You can imagine what I looked like when I turned up at my brothers armed with fluff for dog bedding and the Kindle that I lost and then found again after I bought another, the latter of which A is giving to her mum.  Taking pity on me they parked me on a posh recliner in the back garden which I promptly broke - though I maintain it was my brothers bad DIY/flat pack skills rather than my fault - for a catch up before I collected Hubby from work.

Armed with an impromptu invite to their BBQ I picked Hubby up expecting him to say no because lets face it apparently 'he can't sleep when I wake up' so he had been awake since 4.30am when I had deemed it time to get out of bed.  To my delight, he thought the idea of me not having to cook dinner was a great idea so we returned home to feed the fluff bags before returning to my brothers. 

I set about cleaning up the garden after the 4 fluff bags and amazed Hubby with my complete excitement at discovering that the moss killer had not only killed the moss but disintegrated it meaning I did not have to battle with the brush again.  Let's just say, as an aside, that I will be stocking up on that moss killer stuff!

Back at my brothers, while the boys attempted 4 times to light a BBQ (altogether many men does it take to light a BBQ?) A and I put the world to rights reclining in the sun and talked future wedding plans and venues before arranging a night out to see Iron Man 3 on Monday. 

After filling up on delicioius food we left the boys talking golf (well that would be Paul and Hubby while my brother wandered in and out the front sitting room A and I had comandeered moaning about said golf discussions) while we watched Fast and Furious 5.

We left at 10pm and Hubby collapsed on the bed while I sorted the dogs out.  Within 5 minutes he was away with the fairies and I had to lift his arms and deposit them, like dead weights back onto his chest from my side of the bed.  Another night of restless sleep and I was awake at 3.30am but didn't dare get out of bed for fear of Hubby again deciding he cannot sleep when I am awake (otherwise known as caring far too much for my wellbeing).  Having given up at 5.30am I am all set for a day of accounts and I am compromising by insisting on being comfortable while doing them by staying in my PJs.

Having said that the sky is bright blue without a cloud in the sky so I may be tempted to take my rocking chair out into the garden this afternoon and relax in the sun with a good serial killer novel.

Happy Sunday everyone (well, Happy Monday to you but you get the idea).

So what did you all get up to at the bank holiday weekend?


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