Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How many appointments!

So yesterday was my last day of annual leave and I will today go back to over a week of extremely long days to catch up on 200+ emails and as my boss is on leave I will cover her work too.  All I can say is that it is a good job I have another 3 days leave booked for the 10th June because I may just need them to catch up on sleep.

I intended to spend my last day of annual leave doing accounts.  I am writing this at the beginning of that day so this may or may not have happened. 

On the last day of my annual leave priorities have changed to:
  • making an appointment at the doctors for Beautiful B for the day after she returns from Greece;
  • requesting an emergency prescription of my migraine medication as part of my bank holiday weekend was spent fending off a migraine with Tramadol as I was stupid enough to not realise I had used all my pills up;
  • making an emergency dentist appointment as I have lost a ginormous filling; and by ginormous I mean nearly half the tooth including part of the front and it being an incisor means any smile frightens the little ones away;
  • while I am at the dentist later today he may as well make me another appointment to not only crown that tooth, but crown the other incisor, refill the tooth next to it, replace the crown on the back tooth and make another post and tooth for another one that fell out.  As you can see, I don't need a lot doing!
  • Go to my mums to snaffle lots of photos of mum and dad throughout their lives together for a special Christmas project.  As the key to their house is with my Aunty I will spend an hour or so catching up with her.  I cannot leave it any later as mum and dad return from their holidays later in the week;
  • put petrol in the car because Hubby missed his bus this morning so I took him and I am collecting him from work.  Let's face it, running out of petrol is only going to detract me from accounts again;
  • As an aside, I can forgive Hubby for making me get out of bed to take him to work (trust me, he didn't have to work hard to do that because I am a softie) and pick him up which will further detract from accounts because he offered to go and see Iron Man 3 with me despite my warning that there is nothing remotely realistic about the film.  As he doesn't like any film that is not realisitic it is obviously his way of apologising for being too lazy to get a bus today.
  • Football and snooker club money to be banked before the end of the day and getting a signature on a cheque from the chairman of one of the clubs to pay a bill is going to be another 2 hours.
Having read this list I am beginning to think I will be lucky to get any accounts done before dinner which is going to make for a very long evening.


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