Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What I learned this week

I am guessing that around now I am enjoying having a quiet house as Beautiful B has been on holiday just over 2 days but I won’t be enjoying having 4 dogs in my room at night; one of which becomes an immovable object.  This time next week I may well be telling you I am missing Beautiful B and her loveliness.

This week I have learned;
  1. Some people are incredibly stupid when working with power tools and powerful machines such as combine harvesters; that or they are as incredibly stupid naturally.  Some of those people are incredibly lucky to still be alive to tell the tale if Bizarre ER is any indication;
  2. Working all day on Friday, doing treasury business all Friday evening, working all day Saturday and driving Beautiful B to the airport at stupid o’clock on Sunday morning makes for one very tired Ribena (if I am honest I kind of knew that anyway);
  3. It is possible to trip over the hem of your trousers, fall over a bin and throw your breakfast down your top all in a ½ hour period;
  4. Drinking 3 pints of full fat Coca Cola can make you feel incredibly full and not hungry at all!  We will conveniently ignore the fact that it may be because it has the same calorific content as an actual meal….;
  5. Abi fluff will make sure that you never take her away from her mother overnight again by crying incessantly to berate you for leaving her.  She will refuse to eat her tea but will eat duck fillets, dog sausages and any kind of food out of Hubby’s ‘treat’ drawer;
  6. When you start getting breathless when walking up the stairs or less than 50 metres on a level surface it isn’t just because you are getting fat!  It is not normal to feel pretty crap all the time nor get breathless when you bend down - using the excuse that you are squashing your stomach and it is so big it has nowhere to go is not an excuse;
  7. A pain in the chest on slight exertion that radiates to pain in your back is not a really bad asthma attack, nor is it angina (which would have been pitiful had I been diagnosed with that at 40!);
  8. If your mother ever told you that you don’t go to the doctor unless you are dying and to go to school/work because they will send you home if you are too ill to work; remember to ignore that advice sometimes!
  9. When you do go to the GP on the insistence of your brother and Hubby you may discover that you have been living with pleurisy for 7 weeks;
  10. You might consider yourself a trooper for carrying on through it and wonder what everyone else is fussing about but equally others will think you are a bit mental;
  11. You will be one happy bunny when one of your best friends, Rachel returns from her holiday and you meet up; you may consider raising your daughters rent so you can go on holiday with Rachel;
  12. It is possible to freak out after having a dream about the only lingerie shop that knows how to fit underwear properly closing;
  13. Singing along to P!nk at the top of your voice with the tunes turned up to full volume in the car all the way home will prevent you falling asleep at the wheel; and
  14. There are times that you are glad the week is over; those are generally when the following week is a holiday – WWWHHHHOOOOPPPPP!
So what have you learned this week.  As ever, I love to hear your comments and if you wish to join please leave a comment and if you have a blog follow the instructions below.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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