Tuesday, 21 May 2013

An ode to my 'bestie' Rachel

Today is Rachel's birthday and as I love her I thought I would do a post in her honour.  8 years ago Rachel and I met through our boyfriends who had known each other for years. We were the odd two out as the other 4 in the group had worked together and had so much in common; we laughed at their stories of old and started new ones of our own. 

Like me Rachel can be quite shy when first meeting new people and we initially bonded over our shared 'newness' to the group.  Over time our common traits have bonded us to become best friends.  Like me, Rachel likes cleanliness but she takes the ocdishness to another level!  I like things tidy and clean; Rachel is almost obsessive - I colour co-ordinate clothes in wardrobes - light to dark because it makes sense - Rachel colour co-ordinates the hangers too.

Rachel is TALL, well compared to us short girlies - see how she bends down to lean on my shoulder in the wedding photograph above? 

On my hen weekend we thought it would be funny to stand her next to Beautiful B, who as you know, is 4 foot nothing.......   As you can see from the photograph below - Beautiful B is highly impressed as our demonstation of height differences.

Rachel is extremely close to her mum and fiercely protective of her family and friends.  Not afraid to voice her opinion if she feels something is unjust is another reason that she and I bond so well.

Rachel has two kittens to my four dogs and what I love about her is that, unlike others, she is quite happy for Fredster to bound about like a puppy around her and lie on her knee (probably crushing a thigh in the process) and he doesn't feel left out. 

Hubby and I taught Rachel and her hubby to be how to play poker, which while highly stacked in our favour at the moment won't be for long as Rachel has an incredibly sharp mind which serves her well at work and provides me with a wealth of knowledge to store for any future promotions....

Rachel and I share a love of books though even I cannot compete with the number of books that she reads.  On the annual holiday with her mum Rachel can read 14 books in 14 days - that makes for an expensive hobby; albeit a great way of discovering new authors for me!

It is thanks to Rachel that my wedding went so well; not only did she organise people so that her hubby to be, who takes the most fantastic photographs, could take the wedding photos but she also got up at the crack of dawn to drive to the reception venue and lay out all of the tables and decorate the room.  Her stories of ensuring all the knives and forks were straight and the favours aligned identically had me in hysterics but I wouldn't have expected anything less.

Rachel tells me off for working too hard, in fact, even on her birthday today after discovering my intention to do accounts and ironing I have been reminded that I am on annual leave and should be relaxing especially as I am childless for two weeks.  Even on her birthday she concentrates on others more than herself.

For some reason Rachel thinks I am funny; I disagree.  The fact that I randomly say what is running through my head may provide comedy value it is purely unintentional.  However, all I know is that when we get together we spend the time laughing and that is priceless.

Rachel, thank you so much for being one of my best friends, thank you for listening to my woes, thank you for being there for me as I am for you, thank you for everything you do for me, thank you for your love. 

Have a fantabulous day and I hope the weather improves for your family BBQ.  If not, give hubby to be an umbrella to stand under while he cooks the burgers in the rain while the rest of you stand dry and warm indoors with a good glass of red!

See you soon sweetie.


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  1. You are far too kind...I think I'm actually speechless, for probably the first time ever (but we both know it won't last!). I don't see myself even remotely how you see me. Strange isnt it?? Clearly dark me should come out play more often, I'm giving people the wrong impression, you haven't mentioned the sulkster or the tired crankster. X