Monday, 20 May 2013

I'm your Treasurer......give me all your money

As you may or may not have already deduced I am the Treasuer for 2 different clubs.  Friday night was the night that the annual Snooker Presentation occurred.  Hubby is on one of the teams and one of his close friends in the secretary of the club - he has only taken over as secretary this year and to put it bluntly was 'bricking it'.

I had let him lose with £150 of the clubs money for the raffle and being a bit of a nutter it was interesting to see that he had expanded from the usual beer, wine and chocolates to include snooker related items such as cue chalks and cue a bag of what he affectionally called 'shrapnel' which was the difference of what he spend to that which I gave him!

He had decided that his girlfriend and I should do the raffle and considering she is quite shy (to his brash loudness...what do they say about opposites attract) I thought it was only fair that I switched on my so called confidence and make it easier for her.

I armed her with an empty beer mug and off we went with the raffle books.  My opening line to the attendees, who were luckily snooker players and their wives, was "Hi, I am your Treasurer and so you can dig deep in your pockets and give me your money or I will just add it to your league fees next year!" 

Nothing like being brash and overbearing as you can see; though they did all take it as it was intended - a joke.

That raised £137 and that was before they had consumed a load of alcohol.  Carla and I were pretty impressed with ourselves....until we had to tear all the tickets up, fold them and put them in a box.  That's when you begin to regret selling them at a £1 a strip (of 5 tickets) to £1 a ticket!  Obviously the chances of winning are exactly the same but there is a lot of psychological "I have a better chance of winning if I get 5 tickets for a £1 instead of £1 a ticket." - obviously not accountants!

Later in the evening we sent Hubby and his team manager round the club with a "Guess the number of balls" game to raise some more money.

All in all our fundraising paid for the raffle and by the end of the evening the secretary couldn't walk in a straight line.  I was the designated driver which suited me fine as I am working today on overtime in a bid to get the company's draft accounts to the auditor on time and an early night is in order in preparation for driving Beautiful B to the airport.  

Already being tired, had I been drinking too I may have fallen asleep in my drink and there is no way I can make sure receipts are signed and countersigned to make sure the auditor is happy in July!

As you can tell, you are reading this on Monday and I am talking about Saturday.  Ah well.  See you on the other side!


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