Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What I learned this week

Well first and foremost;

1. It might be an idea to put the box of doglet sausages on a higher shelf in the cupboard.

2. If Hubby accidentally leaves the cupboard door open Lily fluff will lead the charge to eating all the doglet sausages in the box you placed on the floor of the cupboard.

3. The doglets can sure eat doglet sausages very fast.

4. The above 3 point are evidence of my 'let's fit everything in a cupboard like you would pack a suitcase' skills but mostly my lack of common sense skills.

5. Giraffe fluff is too much of a wimp to partake in the doglet sausage theft incident and baba fluff spends her time crying for Hubby while he is at the shop.

6. Hubby will ask me if I was on my phone for 20 mins upstairs while he was at the shop instead of noticing the little thieves getting up to naughtiness......I know I live in the UK but can I plead the 5th?

7. It is possible to sleep 11 hours, wake up and still repeatedly fall asleep catching up on the gazillion TV programmes you have recorded.

8. In 1902 the first woman to be specifically featured on a postage stamp was Martha Washington.

9. The presence of chromium causes an emerald to be green. 

10. Quiz shows are good for improving your general knowledge.

11. When you have a slipped disc in your neck your hand can hurt for absolutely no reason at all!

12.  After 2 days of your right ankle being so swollen it resembles a sausage you might decide you should really stop sitting with your lower leg and foot tucked under your butt. 

So what have you learned this week.  As ever, I love to hear your comments and if you wish to join please leave a comment and if you have a blog follow the instructions below.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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1 comment:

  1. I actually knew that about the emerald (but in all fairness, I work for a company that owns jewelry stores and also my great grandfather was a jeweler). :) Sounds like your doggies got a good treat!!