Friday, 10 May 2013

Tired Thursday…..a day late

After my first non-working day (testing a different working pattern) on Wednesday, which was fabulous as was the Tuesday because I knew I would be off on the Wednesday, I returned to work on Thursday raring to go.  Pity then that I never got to go or at least that is what it felt like.

Having said that I had a great time as my boss’s boss, who is based half way up the country travelled to see me for our usual monthly face-to-face get together.  Not literally face-to-face because how would we get anything done? I enjoy these visits because she is very down to earth, isn’t afraid to admit her work insecurities and is a genuinely nice person.  

Having suggested a formal work plan for the team I’ve had to put a lot of work into ‘additional’ activities to set it all up for the team and so time is needed each visit to go through it and generally add things to it!  What with that, joke telling, discussions around date nights and babies 5pm had arrived and I only had 2½ hours to go before I was OUTTA THERE!. 

A fly on the wall would have watched me jiggle around in my seat for the next 2½ hours in excitement because I was visiting Angel straight after work.  We haven’t physically met up for 3 weeks as we have both been flitting around like butterflies and quite frankly quick texts and emails just ain’t going to cut it because I am very demanding and get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t see my best friends often enough.

I mean, quite frankly, it’s bad enough that my best friend Rachel has deemed it necessary to go on holiday with her family, abroad no less, to somewhere that is likely to have intermittent WIFI unless you are willing to chop off a leg or donate a kidney to pay for the fees they charge.  It has to be the cost because I am sure that if it weren’t for that she would deem it much more important to chat to me via email than spend time with her beloved family.  After all, who is she going to discuss all things related to OCDishness with if not me?

Angel greeted me at the door in her PJs and a lack of direction to her hair and still, as ever, managed to look gorgeous.  Having been out for a run and returned home wet enough to wring a full jug of water from her person as the heavens had dumped a weeks worth of rain on her, her Hubby looked at her as though she had gone mad as she passed him on the way to the shower.  Don’t you just love it when you can slob around in PJs in front of your best friends and know they just don’t care?  I sat there admiring the dressing gown, after all, I did purchase it for her one Christmas and I do have such good taste.

As usual, we put the world to rights and she had me in hysterics.  Besides having a wonderful story telling ability I couldn't help but laugh at the mental picture of Angel screaming so loud at the cinema, when watching a horror film with her hubby, that she scared another woman enough to make her drop her popcorn. 

I arrived home at 11pm to Hubby falling asleep.  Having a day off work and doing some ironing he had obviously tired himself out.  Seen as he deemed it more important to snore than catch up on the day with me I watched an episode of Bizarre ER which was not that bizarre to be fair before falling asleep and leaving the Sky machine to turn itself onto standby.

My unconscious mind pricked me awake at just before 5am.  See!  Even when asleep my little aliens still whirls those little motors to move thoughts in and out of their filing cupboards (obviously organised by year, category and level of importance).  There is probably a little alien walking around with a little clipboard, pen and paper on which they are frantically adding things to do, randomly telling people to pull things out of cabinets and then happily checking of each task as it is long as they remember to look at the list.  In fact, maybe it is not my fault that I forget to update or check my list - maybe, it is the symptom of a forgetful alien! 

It is no wonder I wake up tired.  They were obviously reminding me that I hadn’t set the alarm which begs the question do I actually need an alarm? 

I must sleep on a motion sensor that electrocutes Hubby when it senses I have risen from the bed because he woke up and despite having another day off work (for golf watching of all things) the beautiful man got out of bed and made my lunch before convincing me I needed another hour in bed before getting ready for work.  He is either very thoughtful or I looked so scary that he thought only another hour would reduce eye bags big enough to scare even the bravest person at work.

Waking much more refreshed at 6.15am, I was in work before 7am; I’m not even going to attempt to discuss what my hair looks like or why I have deemed that a Friday means foundation is not needed but still I am here if as not raring to go as yesterday. 

So I’m here for another long day.  I have to catch up the work that I could not get to yesterday.  I must make up flexible working hours to support the different working pattern I want so I can blitz the house mid-week.  Another 7am-7pm work day for me. 2 long days back to back – oooh get me!

I’m quite wide awake at the moment; one would hope that would be the case seen as it is lunch time and I have only been here 5 hours.  I would wager at least 10p on the fact that I will feel super tired by 2pm having eaten lunch. 

There is no hope of me having a earlier finish than 7pm tonight though.  Besides the obvious devotion to my job I have also deemed it necessary to book the last 2 weeks of May on annual leave.  After all, Beautiful B is off on a romantic holiday with Ry to Greece and a quiet household could be the perfect opportunity for some 'me' time. 

Note I said ‘opportunity’ and not ‘destination’.  That would be because as well as the additional benefits of sun, sea, sand, endless cocktails, food, sunsets and sunrises in the Maldives I would at least relax in the Maldives.  Hubby has it in his head that I won’t relax at home and will find every opportunity to find a job that needs doing.  He is of course wrong!  I am not, in any way, already thinking about buying exterior paint to paint the concrete panels under the fence to match the garden wall, nor hack down the tidy up the triffids hedges in the front garden…..

At the moment, I’m rather confident that I can ensure that the work I normally clear within 4 weeks can be done in ½ the time in preparation for my holiday at home.  One may wonder though whether that confidence is linked to how wide awake I am feeling at any given time.  Maybe by 5pm I will be crying into my Coca Cola can begging for a drop more energy from it’s caramel lovliness.

I am hoping that Hubby is going to continue his housewife type behaviour today and have my tea ready on the table when I get home.  He may have to prevent me from falling asleep in my gammon steak and chips or maybe he will prop my head up on a spatula so as to prevent the need for a shower to wash the sqished peas from my hair.  He may well just have to cut out the middle man and escort me upstairs, put me to bed and, having used a blender to the best of it’s ability, intravenously feed me my tea through a plastic tube while I snore all ladylike in bed.


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