Saturday, 11 May 2013

Steamer Obsession

Recently my mum and dad treated me to a new steamer.  SHUT UP!  Just because you may not consider it a treat.  What you are failing to remember is that a) I am weird and b) when asked what I wanted for Christmas one year I asked for money as I wanted to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner and got all excited when I first used it.

Now that I have defended myself, possibly unnecessarily (especially in Rachel's case); I'm either not using this steamer correctly because I haven't bothered to check whether I can split one of the attachments or it is not that good.

I am stupid enough to have 4 dogs, one of which thinks it is a good idea to piddle right outside the back door and one of which is a male giraffe that has to scent over every girlie piddle in case a stray dog can vault over 6 foot fences in search of his girlies.  I am sensible enough to have wooden floors and these need cleaning regularly to stop the nasties getting in the house and breeding.

The whole point of a steamer is to clean, I get that but quite frankly if I wanted to leave my wooden floor wet I would have bought a mop and saved my mum and dad £90.  A wet floor results in 3 things; 1. fluffer paw prints 2. human shoe prints 3. streaks - the latter of which drive me insane..... Well, they all drive me nuts okay!  but the third one the most...just.

I sit in a chair opposite the window so when the light shines through the door just wrong right I can see every print and streak.  Being a freak I cannot just sit there because I find my foot or leg jiggling as I try to ignore the need to get a spray bottle and cloth and wipe the streak away.

So yeah, I'm a bit annoyed.  It is good on the upper landing carpet though which is good as the fluff bags think that is their bed instead of the cute fluffy ones downstairs and lie up there a lot.  In fact, Cala who would be have been a sickly baby were she human feels the need to rush up there and throw her guts up in a corner frequently.  So yeah, it's good for that.

But surely, other steamers would be too.  You know the ones I mean - the ones that don't leave streaks on my wooden floor; the ones that advertise that they don't.  Mind you, didn't the advert claim the same thing about my current steamer? Yes, so maybe it is me.  Maybe I should go home and check whether one of my attachments is actually two.

What to do though if I am right and the steamer is a bit rubbish?  There is another certain little sexy steamer that has caught my eye and I know someone who has one and has commented on FB how good it is and how it leaves your floors almost perfectly dry.......

Would she think me strange if I asked whether I could bob round for a demonstration before I decide that the family should eat less next month so I can introduce one to a new home.

So go on...what would you do (especially you Rachel - and don't tell me buy a mop..x)

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