Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday Observations

I'm away from home so the lack of usual post formatting will drive me nuts until I get home and correct it but until then I thought I might share a couple of observations with you guys.

Hubby reminded me to pick up talcum powder yesterday which I duly did. Having placed it in front of the window this morning I can see how much powder is in the bottle. Let us just say that I object to buying a bottle that is only 2/3 full purely so that Johnson & Johnson can sell it in the same size bottle they always have to hide the reduction in its contents year on year! Besides feeling cheated I can't help wonder how they justify the recycling issues just for profit....oh wait yes I can; the operative word being 'profit'.

Hubby is taking great delight in mocking my use of a 'to do' list after I admitted to adding 'pack wine' on the list yesterday. I would wager, even though I don't drink it, that if you are going to forget to pack something when away there are other things better than wine to forget. Granted it is not as high on the list you don't want to get as underwear or toothbrush but still.... I don't think it is wholly fair of him to ask whether I should add myself a list item that says 'make dinner'.

Having decided to catch up of Facebook this morning and seeing a post that stats with 'OMG OMG Solero ice-cream lollies only 3 Weight Watchers propoints each' I am seriously wondering how many of them I am going to find when I get home tomorrow. Out of 6 I'm betting no more than 2. After all, out of the 26 propoints I used to have I'd have forgone 12 points on normal food in a day quite happily for ice-cream. Reading that back it is no wonder I didn't keep my weight off last year.

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