Saturday, 4 May 2013

An experiment that may go wrong

As you know by now if you are crazy enough to read this blogregularly our family has 4 fluffers and even I would say all but one of them isnuts!  I know we have only just been on ajolly to CenterParcs but Hubby and I are away again if only 4 miles up the roadto housesit for my brother C for the weekend. The added bonus being Hubby and I get some alone time and Beautiful B and Ry get some alone time while house-sitting at ourhouse.

Normally we leave the 4 fluffers with Beautiful B who is then surrounded by warm snuffly (and snoring in Cala’scase) fluff bags all night long.  Now Iknow it is silly because I will only be away for 3 nights but I miss the littlefluffers.

Hubby and I have a dilemma – do we take one or two of thefluffers with us.  Easy; right?

Wrong!  C and A have 2dogs, male Jack Russell’s who are fantastic and arguably getting old especiallyin dog years and I am 100% sure neither of them would harm any of my littlewhite fluffers.  Note I say whitefluffers because, as a wuss, Fredster will be too scared to do anything but alternativelyspend the weekend shivering in a corner or scenting the entire house.

So which fluffers do I take? Preferably I would take 2,those being Cala and Abi both because they love their snuggles and so do I.  As her daughter and only being 2 years old Abipines for her mum if left in the house when Cala is at the groomers – so Calais out.  Which is a shame  even though I am repeatedly told it is wrongto guiltily admit that she is my favourite (but only because I bonded so wellwith her as a baby because she did and still does love her snuggles). 

Beautiful B objects to bothCala and Abi going with us because she thinks Lily will pine for her daughterand grand-daughter all weekend.  Ithought that was quite sweet until she said “She will cry at the door allweekend and it will do my head in.” 

Cala calms down when Abi is at the groomers so feasibly wecould take Abi who only snuggles when in a chair with me but does keep yourfeet warm in bed which is very brave of her an added bonus.

Our strategy is, therefore, to take Abi for a visit to C andA’s house to see how the boys react to her. They have both been snipped so we have no chance of Bichon Russells andAbi is likely to do the same thing she does on the field when we take her for awalk – leg it up to one of them at breakneck speed, skid to a top and flop ontoher back with all 4 legs in the air in complete submission.

I am sure that Abi will calm down eventually but I don’twant the boys to think their territory has been invaded or to be upset by suchan invasion.  In that case, the boysfeelings with come first and foremost.

Seen as I plan to do this on Thursday night and this isposting on Saturday morning there is likely to be an update……..

. Unfortunately, while the boys settled down and were quite happy with the extra snuggles they got because they were a teeny bit jealous, Abi has pined for her mum, nanny and Fredster. Although wagging her little tail she woke us at 2am and 4am and is currently sat outside the bathroom door waiting and crying on and off for her daddy to finish his shower when normally she would be fast asleep in the bed. So I am going to take her home because the fluffers feelings are much more important than mine and the need for snuggles. Let us face it I can get those from Hubby.

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