Thursday, 30 May 2013

Emails, insurance claims, male bodies and garden furniture

My first day back at work and I returned to 102 emails which is half of what I was expecting so a good start to the day.

Prioritising, and lets just be clear that is prioritising for my benefit which does not necessarily provide a benefit for my company, I was able to delete 55 emails in the first hour simply by perusing through and deleting random circulars and far too many emails on job alerts and determining that I did not fancy travelling 500 – 600 miles a day. 

There was one job approximately 15 miles away from home but I figured that I probably couldn’t wing pretending to be a trained psychologist and even if I could I would probably be the one put in a straight jacket by the end of the week.  After all, I am sure that someone who jokes that she has little aliens in her head that provide her energy by bouncing around like rubber balls probably isn’t the best person for the job.

The rest of them look scary in the main so I was hoping that at least some of them were emails chains to which my boss has responded too.  All I can say is that it is a good job I came into work for 7am and intend on working until 8pm or so.  I lucked out as at least some of them were and it is now lunch time and I have 11 of my own emails left to look at, then I start on my bosses.  Of course, me being me, I have left the most difficult to last and my bosses are always more difficult than my own.

I have another long day tomorrow as I cannot come into work on Friday.  I have a 5 hour appointment with a furniture restorer after Abi fluff decided that it was fun to not only teethe on a spindle of a rocking chair but 3 different areas of the brand new leather 3 piece suite.  Some would argue that the suite is my fault; after all, it isn’t the cleverest idea to buy it just as she was being born.

As Abi fluff doesn’t do anything by halves she chewed a little on one chair, then decided she was bored with that bit and moved to another before moving onto the third chair.  Of course, during the initial damage assessment with the insurance company she sat on my knee as good as gold and looking as though butter wouldn’t melt.  She was obviously on some kind of charm offensive.

As much as two 13 hour days seems a little mental, Friday at home gives me another day to, you guessed it, do some football accounts because I did not get any done on Tuesday as I suspected.  By the time I finished chasing my tail with my many appointments it was time to collect Hubby from work.  Knowing 2 long work days were in order I decided Iron Man 3 was in order that night; Hubby was exhausted and while I munched my way through some nachos and salsa he slept - for 11 hours straight; well, obviously I was home and sleeping too at some stage; eating nachos for 11 hours would just be greedy! 

It was a great film but I have to admit I am a little bit biased.  Being based on Marvel comics it has to be big and brash and totally unbelievable so is just the kind of thing I like (and Hubby hates) having grown up with Spiderman, Superman, and lets not forget Captain Cavemaaaaaannnnnnn. 

I have a soft spot for Robert Downey Junior, you know him being kind of cute and all; who was supported by Guy Pearce’s very nice chest which was a very nice bonus. In fact, Robert is a bit like a fine wine (if we ignore the fact that I think all wine tastes awful) and he gets better with age.

See now, that has got me thinking about my list.  My list of 5; which if I recall correctly, Rachel can name her 5 right of the bat while I am still very much indecisive.  I am beginning to think that Robert may well make that list but only if he was amusing in reality because that is half of the appeal.

I have just sent Hubby 2 emails as I am perusing (again, I am multi-tasking you see – there should be an award for it) garden furniture and trying to convince him that a) Rattan furniture is worth the added additional outlay as it will last for YEARS and b) it really isn’t as uncomfortable as it looks. 

I’ve also seen a very nice rattan sun lounger which I would be willing to give up the garden glider for…….

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