Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Has my arm been chopped off?

Today is Monday and this will post on Wednesday.

Beautiful B and Ry have been on holiday 2 days.  She came to me the night before as it is the first holiday without me or her nanny and grampa.  After calming her down she went off to bed and woke up the next morning as excited as a puppy. 

The trip to the airport went well and I distracted her with a long conversation about her nursing and she told me about a little old man she nursed for a while who left to go to a nursing home before she had chance to say goodbye; she rang the nursing home to see how he was and ask them to pass a message on for her - there is my Beautiful B taking her empathy to the next level.

The nearer we got to the airport the quieter she got and I worried that I would have tears at arrivals.  I told her not to cry when we were having a big snuggly hug and told her to enjoy every minute of it and luckily she disappeared without the floodgates opening. 

She wasn't going to enjoy it until I got home because as well as being stupid o'clock in the morning and I do have a tendency to get sleepy when driving on motorways because they bore me.  However, I discovered that turning P!nk up to full volume and singing along at the top of your voice keeps you awake even if you do look like a nutter. She answered the phone with a panicked tone when I rang to tell her I was home safe - who is the parent again.....?

I took myself off to bed after quickly falling asleep on my feet once I got home and woke to a text in the afternoon to let me know she had arrived safely.  Beautiful B says she is going to keep in touch via Facebook as I have instructed her not to text (and especially not to call) for fear of the bill she would accumulate. 

As yet, there are no updates on Facebook and being an 18 year old I expected lots of photos to be uploaded already because don't most 18 year olds post their entire lives on Facebook?

I find myself wandering around the house with lots of cleaning to do wondering if she is enjoying herself and hoping she and Ry haven't burnt themselves to a crisp on their first day.

Beautiful B leads her own life and there are times we are like ships passing in the night because of her hospital shifts but it does feel weird knowing she isn't going to come home with tales of her day for two weeks. 

This holiday is a reminder of how old my daughter is; it doesn't seem that long ago that she was over 3 years old but small enough to fit in clothes for an 18 month old child, so small she passed for one under 2 years old when in Disney.  She walked around with a top on that said "I can't talk yet but I have an attitude" but of course she could and I will always giggle to myself when I remember the looks of surprise on people's faces when she opened her mouth and had a full blown conversation with me.

It wasn't long ago that I took a photograph of her on her first day in school nor that long ago that we spent an hour before bed each night reading Roald Dahl books; her favourite's being The Twits and George's Marvellous Medicine.

My little baby is all grown up and I couldn't be a prouder mum.  I am relieved she has gone on holiday with Ry as he has much more common sense of the two; unfortunately she inherited the lack of a sensible gene from me, and I know she will have a great time with someone who loves her for who she is.

In the meantime I will wander around like a Kangaroo whose Joey has grown up to lead a life of it's own and keep myself busy and look forward to all the photographs and stories when she returns.

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