Wednesday, 24 April 2013

You buy a steam cleaner and it is never good enough

Years ago, in fact, when Hubby and I first started dating I had a steam cleaner and it was fabulous.  It made short work of my laminated floors and dried almost before I had chance to blink.  When it broke, I grieved deeply because having insufficient funds I was unable to buy a brother or sister for the demised steam cleaner.  Instead a spray bottle and mop type thing made do.  Hubby would argue that for a while the spray bottle was attached to my hand, once sitting me down and explaining that so much cleaning was impossible and bordered on insanity.

Over time, I have learned to relax somewhat with the cleaning for the sake of Hubby and Beautiful B's mental state, even if it does grate on my nerves when it isn't as clean as I would like and even when I am unable to concentrate on one thing because my eye is being drawn to the fluff on the carpet that should really have been hoovered up or the thin layer of dust that has settled on the black shiny TV stand since it was polished an hour before.  

It would appear that steam cleaner manufacturers have also relaxed somewhat since the demise of my last steam cleaner.  I am very much like my dad, in fact, especially in terms of cleaning as he moulded me in that regard and it became apparent a few months ago that Dad had been watching the same infomercial about a steam cleaner that I had.  It looked very much like my old one but with an updated snazzy and yellow colourful body.  Later that day I received a text from my dad to tell me he had bought himself one and had also treated me to one too.

I sat in anticipation waiting for it's arrival and was truly like a child at Christmas opening the box when it did arrive.  I lovingly put all it's nice, new, shiny parts together and switched it on be disappointed.  

Yes it billowed steam out but so much that it leaves the laminated floor wet.  Yet it cleans it so what is the problem I hear you say.  Well, I will tell you!  Besides the obvious excess water on a laminated floor, it takes ages to dry which gives plenty of time for the 4 fluff bags to walk on it.  Again, what is the issue you say!

My big brown comfy chair is opposite the patio doors and the sun shines through those doors so when I am happily sat in the chair watching TV my eye is drawn to the floor where the water has dried and left little fluff foot prints or even worse smudges and shapes where the excess water has dried (imagine one eyeball on the floor and another on the layer of dust/dog fluff settling on the TV stand AGAIN).  All of this means I do not concentrate on the TV, or relax and eventually get up from the chair to polish the floor with a cloth to get rid of the smudges.

This leaves a question; I can keep the steam cleaner because it has lots of fandangled attachments and bits you can pull apart to clean things such as grubby corners, tile grout, round taps, in the oven etc etc but what do I do about the floor?  I could try another steam cleaner I have taken a fancy to on TV, which besides appealing to my cuteness nature because it looks kind of space age yet cute, appears to keep the floor dryer when cleaning.  The argument there though, is that the first one dried the floor well on TV - blast that CGI stuff! 

Alternatively I could go back to my trusty spray bottle and mop thing that isn't a mop as it uses single use clothes that are thrown away after use because there is NOTHING worse than using a mop over and over again...just imagine the bacteria even if you clean it....oh and the bacteria.

I'm signing off now as I am feeling a bit creepy around the shoulders thinking about bacteria on multi-use mops but what would you do; new steam cleaner, or one use mop thingy?  Or would you put me in a mental institute because clearly I am so much fun to live with? 

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  1. I wouldn't put you in a mental institution honey. You're no different from lots of other people. You're just more open and honest about who you are. And you make me smile!! :-)