Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What I learned this week

It's been a funny old week and I have learned a lot of random things:

  • Despite it being a quicker trip driving to Newcastle and back for meetings is not a good thing when I get sleepy on motorways.  I would much rather risk falling asleep on a train and missing my departure station than get sleepy at the wheel of a car and risk my life and others on the road so my manager can just put up with the longer journeys.
  • It can be sunny in Newcastle and quite warm. 
  • The new Vauxhaul Corsas have the stupidest locking mechanism ever!  While central locking controlled by a button inside the car is a good thing not being told that you need to use it because the key only locks the driver door is a tad risky.
  • The new Vauxhaul Corsas require you to turn the engine over and use the internal central locking button to lock the boot after you have emptied it - which is just plain stupid! Their seats are very comfortable though and being a midget I like feeling taller in the car.
  • It is a great idea to remember to pack my inhaler when travelling because having to walk in strong wind kicks an attack off so you kind of struggle to breathe.
  • Sometimes it is impossible to stay awake through a whole film no matter how much you try.
  • My dogs have smelly feet; how do dogs get sweaty feet - note to self; google it.
  • Cleaning takes far too long when you get back from a 2 day trip away and you seem to be washing forever.
  • Sometimes there is no better feeling than sitting down after you have cleaned the house from top to bottom and relaxing because everything is clean and right with your immediate world.
  • That last statement makes me look like a very sad individual. 
  • The baby fluffer may continue to cry even though the back door is open, a treat has been provided and the water bowl is full.  Conclusion: she is as needy as her female owner and just wants snuggles.
So what have you learned this week.  As ever, I love to hear your comments and if you wish to join please leave a comment or if you have a blog follow the instructions below.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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