Friday, 22 March 2013

Weather Warnings

For the second time this year we have been given weather warnings in the UK.  Both times it has snowed, and as I write it is snowing and quite strongly.  By quite strongly I mean at all as living by the sea doesn’t make for much snow.

We have been warned of 10-20 cms in our part of the country with higher land getting up to 40 cms.  That is a big thing for the little old UK.    I woke up last night to see Hubby peering out of the window to see whether it was snowing.  I’d like to say he is a big kid but he was probably already hoping it would mean a day off work.  He is obviously ever hopeful; the last time it snowed heavily enough for work to be affected Beautiful B was 18 months old…..I remember my boss at the time having to dig his car out of the snow mounds.

The snow is billowing about and while a lot of it is falling, none of it is ‘sticking’.  Hubby says the flakes aren’t big enough for it to stick – how big do they need to be…..  He sat in bed this morning peering out at the road watching the snow fall for over ½ hour – I’m not sure what he was expecting; a huge dollop of snow to randomly fall out of the sky so that we could stay at home maybe.

The sky is full of it and I hope it does begin to stick.  It calls to the childish nature of my personality and I want to have snowball fights in the street with Hubby and Beautiful B and I especially want to see my beautiful white doggies in snow deep enough to reach their little bellies.  Having said that, when it turns to ice I will be too scared to drive but I can’t have it all.

I like the idea of having to wrap up warm (well warmer than I usually do) at home and watch it fall outside the window and to have a legitimate reason to stay in my PJs and dressing gown all weekend to stay warm (shut up! I can pretend I don’t have central heating and that it isn’t going full blast!).

I can update the snowy weekend on Monday along with my progress on my Five Things Friday – though if it snows all weekend I have a legitimate reason not to power wash the garden; now there is a bonus.

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