Saturday, 23 March 2013

Cala Fluff

My beautiful little Cala bags

This is Cala Fluff - she is the middle dog.  We have grandma fluff (Lily), mummy fluff (Cala) and baba fluff (Abi) and giraffe fluff (Fred).  The 3 girls are related and as much as it is not great to say it Cala is my favourite.  She is on this earth purely to love everyone to death.  I have NEVER seen the little fluff unhappy, snappy or quiet (other than sleeping and even then she snores very loudly).  She could generate electricity with her tail.  

Abi is the only child of her's we have.  Being one of 7 in a litter Abi will not have another brother or sister living with her as we fear that Cala will pop or at least do herself serious damage if she gets pregnant again.  At only 4 weeks pregnant you could see the puppies moving like little aliens in her belly and the risk to her health is just not worth it.

Which begs the question; why did I sit at home this weekend dutifully weighing out the girls dog food into individual bags (makes for an easier life when they are nibbling my ankles off at tea time) if I was going to add an extra 50g in without realising it?  Not only did I do that once, I did it for a whole batch of 60 bags.  

I will tell you why: it was either 'The Following', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'The Biggest Loser' or some other programme that I entertained myself with while doing it.  The older I get the further away the ability to multitask goes....

So Cala along with Abi and Lily fluff is going to get fat!  You could argue that it would be a waste of my time re-bagging it all but seen as Beautiful B and Hubby will just give them what is in the bag no matter how many times I tell them to split 2 bags between 3 I suspect that over this weekend I have dutifully sat there and re-bagged the whole batch......(Yes, I am writing this in advance so that it isn't another month before I post anything!).

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