Monday, 25 March 2013

Five Things Friday - Procrastination - Update

So Monday has arrived and at least I have remembered to update how I did.  Two words - EPIC FAIL!!

Do some social club accounts

I did some, not a lot, some which is a failure in my book.  It didn't help that whilst I was taking a break and playing a computer game which frequently distract me Beautiful B came for a chat and then when R arrived he joined her.  This gave me even more reason to carry on playing while catching up with the kids.

Lessons learned: Don't have a break, don't play computer games until finished and shoo Beautiful B out of the room when working.

Clean the bedroom carpet

Yay, I did this and it looks great!

Power wash the Indian stone paving in the garden

It snowed and with more threats of snow it would have seemed pointless.  Hubby looked at me like I had lost all of my 2 brain cells when I suggested doing it between snow flurries. 

Sunday, truthfully could have done it as the snow was almost gone but we were out visiting parents and catching up with Hubby's brother G over a gut busting meal out.  Having returned home too fat and full to move it didn't even enter my head until now - doh!

Sort out drawer in various cupboards and the wardrobes

Biggest failure of all - didn't even attempt this though in my defense I did think of it about 10 times over the weekend.  Which begs the question; surely I could have done at least one drawer in the time it took me to think about it.

Clear some of the Sky Planner (equivalent of TIVO for our USA friends)

I did get some of this done and definitely not as much as I usually do.  I was at 50% by the end of Friday night and over the weekend I am back down to 45% and still have some of last weeks to catch up on.  I will be hugely behind at the end of this week as every evening has to be dedicated to clearing accounts!

All in all I did 2 and a tiny bit off my list and yes I did add 14 things to the list but did clear 10 of those off.

I am officially a procrastinator even at procrastinating!  I am going to have to train myself to stop it!  Seriously, it's ridiculous.

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