Tuesday, 26 March 2013

DIY and Hubby

Hubby hates DIY which is understandable as DIY appears to hate Hubby.  In previous years, Dad has tried to teach Hubby how to do DIY to no avail. 

Which is why, one of my Pocket Dragons is especially apt:

Hubby on the left and me on the right dreading the injury he could cause
One New Year's Eve a few years ago I received a phone call at work.  The office was quiet with few people in as people had party organising to do and I took one for the team.  

Hubby:     "Don't panic."  - why do people say that, because you know something is wrong!
Me:          "Which means I should.....what's wrong, what's happened?" - ears prick up throughout the office.
Hubby:     "I'm okay, I've cut my thumb and M is taking me to A&E as we think it needs stitches."
Me:       "Are you okay, I can meet you at the hospital...." etc, after all in my book work does not shine a candle to my family.
Hubby:  "No it's okay hon, I'm fine, I will meet you at home, don't panic." - which I did 

Having got over the initial shock of Hubby needing hospital treatment and knowing he was as 'okay' as he could be I asked what he did. 

Me:       "How did you do it honey?"
Hubby:  "I was sorting out your PS2."
Me:       "How do you end up needing stitches plugging in a PS2?"
Hubby:  "I used the kitchen scissors to cut the cable tie and it slipped."
Me:       "You used a blunt pair of scissors to cut it a cable tie and manage to cut your thumb to the extent that stitches are required?!"

Dad being the OCD clean freak (obviously where I get it from) had cable tied all my electrics to keep them neat and tidy.  Apparently not the best thing to have done where Hubby was concerned.  

I'm unsure how his thumb was even in the way but you can guarantee that instead of finding a sharp pair of scissors he used force and when the cable cut the force didn't stop.  

Only my Hubby could do the damage he did with a blunt pair of scissors. Hubby came home with the biggest dressing I have seen and REALLY strong painkillers.  Despite making him ill he took them and from that alone I could only imagine the pain he was in.  Instead of cutting down into his finger, he had cut across through and across the pad of his thumb.  All they could do was dress it and wait for new skin to grow.

Fast forward 2 days later when the dressing was first changed, I went to support him (watching all things murder and numerous operations on hospital I would be a tower of strength) only to sit in the corner feeling physically sick at the pain he was in because somehow they had put a dressing on that stuck to the open wound.

Not being able to put him though so much pain I refused to dress it for him and insisted that he was seen by nurses at our GP for the required re-dressing every 2 days as they could treat him properly.  After a month, it was my duty for another 2 months.  

Fast forward 6 months and the pain in his thumb is still extreme at the slightest pressure across his thumb and it is determined surgery is needed.  More dressings for 2 months as essentially they had to start the skin re-growth from scratch.

Fast forward to now and Hubby is reluctant to do DIY that involves any kind of implement that he can injure himself with, which is anything to be honest.  Understandable really.


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