Sunday, 24 March 2013

A belated birthday cake

My 40th Birthday Cake

Well, it's not, because I did get this 2 days before my actual birthday but as you can tell I have somehow managed to find the link that allows me to upload photographs - I swear that it was not available up until 2-3 days ago!  

I figured I would record for posperity, you know in case Beautiful B ever stumbles upon this blog before I die or after she knows about it when I'm gone.  

Beautiful B and Angel were tasked with designing the cake.  I insisted actually; Hubby had looked like a scared rabbit between headlights so it was best to hand the mantle over to 2 people who know me better than anyone else in the world - after all, there was no way I was dealing with that on top of everything else and I wanted it to be a total surprise.

In no particular order:

Giraffe - I can only assume it has a Christmas hat on purposefully because I am as obsessed with Christmas as I am with giraffes and it killed 2 birds with one stone - giraffes are all over my house - I think they are so very strange looking but so very graceful with it.  Weird?  Probably but nothing new there.

Needle & thread - very boring of me but I love to do cross-stitch patterns.  It started when I got divorced the first time (don't ask) and moved back to mum and dad's with Beautiful B.  It was the one thing that allowed my mind to quiet.  I started and so far have yet to stop.  They make for fantastic presents - mum has 4 of them, all 4 of which she kept saying she liked when I started them for me - I soon saw a pattern emerging (see what I did there.....)

Pepsi Max - addicted.  It doesn't help that I don't drink coffee, tea, milk or anything similar (milk is only good for making cereal soggy - the remainder gets drained off and the dogs love me for it).  I stopped drinking milk when I was 6 months old (see!  awkward from almost the time I was born!) and mum had to make do with giving me milky puddings to top up the required calcium.  I drank pop and cordial throughout my childhood and have drank Pepsi as long as I can remember.  I prefer full fat Coca Cola but lets face it, the constant fluctuation in weight has a lot to do with the intake of that so Pepsi Max it has to be most of the time (though not at this precise moment in time when coca cola is back in favour but only for another few weeks before I tire of being so fat again).

I drink that much of the stuff that someone once took the time to count the number of cans I drank a day (admittedly Coca Cola at the time - shout out to Glenn).  In fact, if I recall he had a 5 bar gate going......

Anita Blake (Laurell K. Hamilton) books - I read copiously, admittedly usually murder, mayhem and serial killers (they ALWAYS get caught and the good guy always wins).  I found the Anita Blake books by accident and was hooked from book 16 (though I had to go back to book 1 to start the series) and have been hooked on that series ever since.  Her imagination is astounding and I don't know of many other authors who could spin a story out and extend the story line the way she has through 20 books.

Beautiful B wanted to know what my favourite books were.  Truthfully, I don't have one but as I had to name one (pretending I had no idea why she was asking) Anita Blake books are pretty much at the top. So these books signify my love of books. 

So there you have it, a cake that tells anyone what I am like mostly.  It weighed too much for one person to pick up as it was huge and the cake maker refused to add figurines of me, Hubby and Beautiful B, plus the 4 fluff bags and a cute alien (the other loves of my life) as she said it would look to busy.  I have to say I am quite disappointed, even Angel told her that was the point - I am always busy so the cake should be too.  Mind you, on the upside - it provides a great start for the 50th novelty cake!

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