Thursday, 14 February 2013

What I learned this week

The first thing I learned was that I blinked and this week was over!

  • Wearing a plastic splint on my little finger makes it awkward to touch type and is most annoying.  Being awkward, I will persevere though because I am like that.
  • The NHS Walk in Centre which is in the same building as my GP and the hospital are not very good at communicating with each other.  A call to see the GP was a wasted appointment as they were made aware of my broken finger but not that it had already been splinted and I had endured a trip to the fracture clinic 3 days before.
  • Everyone else is more concerned than me about the number of falls I have; personally I think I am careless.  Having said that, I did not trip over my own feet or slip on anything to break this finger – one minute I was falling and the next I was trying, unsuccessfully, to stop myself falling and smacking my head on the security pass reader as well as breaking a finger.
  • According to Hubby who helps disabled people across the country, I would be eligible for disability benefit based on the number of falls I have in a year – if only I had a legitimate reason for falling; in my opinion not being very good at being a weeble does not constitute sufficient reason for benefit.   Let’s also not forget that I would not claim disability benefit unless I was confined to a wheelchair!
  • A GP may not be concerned about my falls (rightly so in my humble opinion) but a pharmacist innocently going through my shopping list of medications for numerous conditions will innocently tell me while we discuss reducing dosages for a specific medication that I could reduce 3 pills to 2 throughout the day.  Apparently, innocently asking whether I should be taking all 3 in the morning because I forget to take the other 2 during the day as I get distracted by, well anything, will cause her to almost fall off her chair.  Taking 3 in one hit drops my blood pressure through the floor which more than likely explains the number of falls.  Problem sorted.
  • When Hubby calls to find out if the GP is going to send me for all sorts of unnecessary tests to determine if I have a life threatening condition that would cause falls (you know, because he just has to find something to worry about when it comes to me) you can see him shaking his head when you explain the most likely reason for falls.  It does give him sufficient reason to ask “Have you taken your pills today?” frequently – who needs an alarm clock to remind me when I have my own personal walking reminder system?
  • In other news, I still get over excited when household appliances arrive and work as wonderfully as they say on the TV.  Hubby will not be impressed at the “best present you have ever bought him” when he sees what it is – well, he does do all the ironing because my cervical discs, arms and hands refuse to co-operate with each other.  Mum and Dad thought it was hilarious! The truly brilliant steam function does mean that I can actually help him with the ironing and that means the world to me.
  • When I tell Hubby that I have bought him a present and that he will think it is the best present ever, his response of pointing to his wedding ring and saying “This is the best present you have ever bought me” will make my heart melt.

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