Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What I learned this week

There has been a lot of travelling for me this week both on a work and personal level spending a lot of time on a train and a car.  A funny week of ups and downs but then that is what life is all about.

1.                  Motorway driving is still as boring as it has always been and being a person who likes to be warm, switching the heater on still makes me sleepy.
2.                  Getting old seems to mean that it takes me more than a day to recover after travelling long distances regardless of whether I drive or sit on a train.
3.                  Driving for 4 hours in one day kicks off the immense pain that my medication masks most of the time.  By the end of the day I will need Hubby to get pills out of packet and help undress me because my hand will refuse to work.
4.                  Taking 6 tramadol in 18 hours, even if 4 of those were during the night, will mean that I cannot hold a simple conversation because although I know what I want to say, I sometimes cannot get my mouth to say it.
5.                  All that pain is worth it when Beautiful B needs to travel 4 hours so that she can jump out of a plane and sky dive for charity. 
6.                  As Beautiful B is only 4 feet and 9 inches tall I can tell which parachute is hers because she is the only one significantly shorter than the man she is tandem jumping with.
7.                  Beautiful B can’t half squeal or so I found out when she flew over my head just before she landed.
8.                  Beautiful B is so much braver than I to have jumped out a plane and sky dived for nearly 10 seconds before the parachute is released.  I am immensely proud of her at any time but now I am astounded at her bravery and dedication to raise money for what she believes in.
9.                  Travelling to London for work leaves time to relax and read on the train except the motion of the train will make me sleep like a baby.
10.             The House of Parliament and Westminster Abbey look very impressive in twilight. So much so that I took a photograph of them. 
11.             It’s very frustrating not being able to work out how to upload a simple photograph to my blog now they have updated the host site!

So what did you learn this week?

A wonderful blogger called Julie that I read daily hosts a What I learned this week carnival for more information go to her blog here....

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