Thursday, 17 January 2013

I was just about to do that

Having spent most of the night before last doing accounts for the snooker club playing on a computer game I got hooked on Hubby came downstairs at half past midnight and told me off.  After all, the night before I had been crying in agony with pain radiating into my arms and into my hands as a result of aggravating the slipped disc in my neck.  So much so that I had required his help to pop pills from a packet and get undressed.  Grudgingly I admitted that it probably wasn’t a good idea to carry on building a pretend city and promptly went to bed and read a book about murder, mayhem and a serial killer on my iPad until half past 2 in the morning.

Other than feeling a little tired after lunch yesterday I was wide awake all day……until 8pm when I woke up after dozing off in front of the TV.  How old am I?! 40 but acting more like 60 it would appear.  Being sensible for a change I took myself off to bed and snuggled up to Hubby who was, predictably, watching the most boring sport on TV  cricket.

At half past 11 Hubby woke me up snoring like a foghorn a small noise woke me.  It would appear said small noise was so loud that it woke up Abi Fluff who decided to dance around the bed telling me to let her out immediately or we were going to have a repeat performance of “mummy you need to change the bedding because I just peed on it in excitement.”

Why was Abi Fluff dancing about I hear you say.  Having read so many thrillers and books about serial killers I think I have become quite a good detective.  Noticing that the TV was on stand by, Hubby was still snoring like a foghorns life depended on it softly and the living room side lamp was still shining I deduced that Hubby had predictably gotten bored of cricket started snoozing and switched the TV onto standby while half awake without closing up the house for the evening.

Getting out of bed as quietly as possible so as not to disturb Hubby, who by this time was led on his back like a baby, I motioned for the fluff bags to follow me downstairs for their late night sabbatical in the garden.  As a detective in training I deduced from Abi’s running about and wagging of tail at 20 mph that Hubby had neglected to let the dogs out before he started snoozing. 

I am convinced Hubby has a motion sensor permanently attached from my side of the bed to his hip.  As I got of the bed as carefully as possible Hubby turns to me clearly still mostly asleep and mumbles “I was just about to do that darling.”  Were you really Hubby, really? Were you going to wake up and think “Oooh, I had best safe the doglets from having to cross their legs all night by letting them out and then lock the house up to ensure that we are not murdered in our bed?  I mean, lets face it, Fred would run off with his tail between his legs, Lily would lie on Beautiful B’s bed and sleep through the whole thing and Abi and Cala would high five the burglars and bathe them in sloppy kisses. 

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