Sunday, 13 January 2013

HRT and dreams

When I am awake I don't have much of an imagination - being an accountant and a virgo I think thats normal.  Note I am not including the little cute aliens that live in my head when I say I don't have much of an imagination or how I 'meow' like a cat when I drop things....

I do, however, dream a lot and often.  As many do, I often don't remember them when I wake up just a realisation that I have had a 'freaky' dream.  I am sure that I would be more entertaining if I left a notepad and pen to write the dream down immediately after I wake up so I can relay it.  Mind you, Hubby gave up asking me if I had a good nights sleep the morning I woke up and relayed a dream about cute zombie vampire babies.

All that stopped though after my hysterectomy.  They removed my ovaries so I can only assume that the hormones they produce aid dreaming or the cute aliens were removed along with said ovaries.  I missed them....the dreams, not the aliens.

Cue 8 months later and I visited my GP to get HRT.  I promise I wasn't missing the dreams that much; more that I have always been a 'cold' person and I could not cope with the hot flushes any more.  I am warm enough in bed, I do not need to have to remove the covers, replace the covers, remove the covers and replace the covers about 30 times a night because trust me; there is no happy medium - you are either too hot or too cold.

The best side effect is evening out your body temperature but I found it came along with the added bonus of dreams, some of which are wholly amusing.  Having been lulled into a false sense of security Hubby asked me this morning if I slept well.  He wasn't prepared for the story about me standing on a stool trying desperately to fill 100's of glasses up with a wine that looked and tasted more like a smoothie (I assume because I hate wine) and pour into bottles that I then needed to lie down without corks in and watch it spill everywhere.  On looking at his face I thought it best not to tell him about the other dream which consisted of me being in a deralict house with a male and female one of which was hell bent on cutting me up with a machete.

Is it just me, or is anyone else fully aware that they are dreaming and so can just sleep and enjoy the film that is being played in your head?

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