Friday, 18 January 2013

A rant about holidays

Following our honeymoon Hubby admitted that he wasn't just "not keen" on flying but more like "terrified".  He has decided that as he gets older he gets more nervous about things - which probably goes a long way to explaining why he keeps refusing to learn to drive and leaving me with a life of being the eternal designated driver.

The only problem with his refusal to fly is that having not been on holiday for 4 years prior to our honeymoon I now have a huge desire to be in the sun again; to be able to lie on a sun lounger, baking in the sun and reading a book that I can get drawn into while being served cocktails all afternoon.

Hubby determined while we were on honeymoon that this holiday was the first time he has ever seen me sit down and fully relax, engrossed in a book for more than 30 minutes at a time.  He saw the difference it made and agreed that I looked as well as felt completely relaxed by the time we returned home.  

Add to that how relaxed and understanding my hubby is and you can see why he agreed that I should go on holiday with one of my best friends this year.  R and her mum holiday every September and it is a total relaxation holiday; sunlounger, sun, bit of pool and the reading of book after book.  They picked a holiday destination, got a quote and asked for a quote for me.  It came back yesterday - £579 for a week or £899 for two - no brainer, 2 weeks is better value financially so I booked for 2 weeks.

Only to get an email back when the booker realised I would be requiring a single room.  Now she has to investigate single supplement fees but is estimating an additional £220 for one week and £440 for two.  

Now here is the rant - I am a single travelller, why should i be penalised for holidaying alone.  i get that a room is used for 2 people and that normally they would get £579/899 per person and that if only a single ticket required they lose 1/2 their usual income - this I get; what I don't get is how they can justify charging an additional 50% per single supplement.  I am sure they would get more single boooking if they simply charged an additional £100 or something.  Because, trust me, if that quote comes back at over £800 for one week for one person I won't be booking with them - for that amount of money I would expect to be sat in a beach hut in the middle of the Caribbean!   

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