Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Christmas - where it went wrong

Christmas and New Year were wonderful this year for the most part.  In other parts my scattiness and lack of attention to detail got in the way and so did the baby fluffer Abi!

Hubby and I house sat for my brother and his fiance this Christmas.  They took off for a helicopter ride above the Grand Canyon among other things for his 40th birthday.  I offered to look after their 2 dogs rather than see them in kennels - all before asking Hubby if it was okay.  The immediate "oooh, it is okay with you isn't it darling?" followed with 3-4 reasons why it was such a good idea rattled forth along with his laughter. 

We stayed in their house which gave Beautiful B and the BF, R a week on their own house sitting and dog caring at our house.

It took me almost a week to work out how to use their tumble dryer and I think I have shrunk an XXL polo shirt to a medium at best...

Getting spooked about the blinds being open when it is dark in the back garden and anyone could be looking in at me....after scaling a 10 foot brick wall.....meant shutting them and not checking whether the cord is sat underneath a glass ornament.  Quickly realised when it smashed.  Ebay is a wonderful thing even if the replacement did not arrive before my brother returned.

Getting told off by my brother and his fiance for ordering another one.  His reaction "I didn't like it anyway." Her reaction "It already had a crack in it honey." Not including the telling off for ordering a replacement.

Beautiful B and BF, R spending an evening with us and his car being a bit worse for wear when he tried to get out of the tight spot on the driveway that he was so impressed getting into on arrival.

The lack of a huge amount of cleaning in my house when I returned.  Oh yes, the floors were swept and mopped but Beautiful B either didn't realise or didn't care that I would see the state of the kitchen and the stairs; the latter of which looked like Fredster fluff had shred all of his hair on there on the last week.

And last but not least, lets not forget Abi - who having already chewed 3 holes in 3 different parts of a new leather suite decided to have a go at tinsel.  Bright blue tinsel all over the house on the day we returned.  Not content with that she went after the tree decoration hooks yesterday, taking the bag upstairs and scattering them all over the stairs and landing.  Something tells me she is fed up with her own chewy toys.

So all told, not much went wrong.  I am still trying to find the energy to get the house as clean as when I left it but procrastination keeps getting in the way.

KIV - this was written on 8th Jan, the day I made the resolution to stop procrastinating so in theory the house might be tidier now as long as I managed to get a huge chunk of the accounts done with time left over before getting on the train to go to an accountants conference today.

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