Thursday, 13 December 2012

Smart TV's and Apple Macs

Tuesday...Beautiful B is so excited and cannot sit still. She has decided to spend some of her much earned wage on a 40" smart TV and an Apple Mac laptop.  They arrive on Tuesday afternoon.  Beautiful B is told by Grampa not to try putting the TV and stand together until her boyfriend arrives.  Come on, she is my daughter, you know me, do you seriously think she is even listening at this stage?!  Forget it, the excitement has taken over and all else fades into the background.

So that is where I find her, struggling to use a screwdriver.  Guess who is going to be putting the TV on it's stand - yep, it wasn't Beautiful B.  After an hour, I gave up and called Grampa who managed the screws I had been fighting with for an hour in 2 minutes flat.  I'll blame the effects of the slipped disc in my neck for the weakness....

Tuesday's lesson: Granted Beautiful B's room is only 10 ft by 8 ft but it helps to sit further away from the TV when you switch it on otherwise you might think the resolution is not all that!  

So now she has linked the internet to it and her boyfriend is seriously considering the purchase of a further xbox 360 after Christmas so he can kill people with sub machine guns in 40" galore.  

How funny to see how easily impressed some people are and that you are not the only one that gets excited at tiny little things.  Nipping upstairs to say hello to the boyfriend you discover he is sat with the laptop on his knee with the face of an animated 5 year old child opening their Christmas presents and the conversation goes like this:

BF:     "Ooooh Ribena!  What do you do to make sure that your power cable does not keep falling out of your laptop?"

Me:     "I don't know, BF, what do you do?"

BF:      (Taking the cable out of the socket)  "Well, you......." (then he starts to move it back towards the socket) "....make it magnetic!!!" (as the force takes over the inserting of the cable).  "How great is that!!!!"

Me:     Speechless and laughing my head off.

Being naive Beautiful B was convinced the laptop would come complete with the MS office package.  How little she knows!  Why put it on the Apple Mac when you can charge a fortune for it separately?!

So that has sorted another Christmas gift out for her.


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