Friday, 14 December 2012

Five things Friday - a day early

Hi guys.  I'm writing this a day early and have scheduled it as I am off to Cheshire Oaks today with one of my besties, R for some much needed retail therapy with a hot chocolate thrown in.  I may come back with more bags than I can carry but then again I may come back with one special Radley bag.....

This weeks topic is five things that have stressed me out this week....

1.  Putting the Christmas decorations up late this year.  

I know, ridiculous!  I love Christmas and I can blame my mum for that.  I missed Christmas during my Jehovah's Witness period and when they threw me out in disgust telling me I am now one step up from the devil the Christmas decorations on the front windows of the house had to be seen to be believed.  Not that I like making a point or anything...

Each year those decorations go up on the 1st December.  As Beautiful B is now 18 I cannot use her as an excuse to put them up at the beginning of November.  I am height-challenged and even with the ladders cannot reach into the attic to get the 20 boxes of decorations down so Hubby is needed except he was away for the weekend of the 1st December helping one of his friends celebrate his 40th - how dare he!  Taking another week for them to go up was not my fault; no it was not!

2.  Writing job applications and interview

I know it is the nature of the beast, if I want a job that will challenge me more and of course pay more so I can buy Radley bags and Dune shoes then I have to apply for them.  I am rubbish at selling myself though and it is a game of words, one which you will have realised by now I do not do well. 

I waffle at the best of times; I know it is hard to believe but I do but boy I go all out completely involuntarily during an interview - the more nervous, the more I talk.  As much as I do not like dwelling on the negative I talking myself into not getting the job after the interview so it wasn't a surprise when I was told I wasn't successful.  

The shoes and bags will have to wait to come home with me and the bills I wanted to clear will have to be cleared over a longer period of time.  On the upside I get to continue working at KFC part time which is good considering I find it amusing, stress free (well, until we run out of chicken which we do every Saturday!) and I love the interaction with the customers.

3.  Picking

What you say?!  A strange one yes.  When I get nervous I pick the side of my finger nails.  Now those finger nails are horrid and have been ever since my op last year.  Apparently when your body no longer makes oestrogen your nails get brittle and it does not matter how careful you are they split and refuse to be strong.  So picking the sides of those nails is never going to be a good idea.  Now I have a plaster on a thumb and a middle finger - numpty!

4.  Inexplicable pain

Why is it that for no reason whatsoever you can start walking and have a pain in your leg that feels like you have exercised too long? Maybe my right leg detaches itself at night and goes and does 2-3 step sessions on it's own ensuing it reattaches before I wake?  Mind you, it started during the day yesterday and I know I had my leg all day long so doubtful really.  Today it is worse.  Maybe I am going to have to put it down to getting old but I will resist that until the end.  While my head still feels in it's 20's I will not let my body beat me, oh no I won't.

5.  Sky issues

We are greedy and have 3 sky satelitte boxes at home - Yes, I know 3!  It's the better of 2 evils; pay more or argue over the TV and lets face it, I am going to win every time.  No-one and I mean no-one will come between me and Morgan from Criminal Minds, Dean from Supernatural and Damon on The Vampire Diaries.  So when the machine inexplicably deletes all the series link that have been lovingly added, because my mind loses itself on a regular basis and I am unlikely to remember what days and times each of the 15 series I watch are on, I get a bit antsy.  Luckily Sky Protect came to the rescue - for the bargain price of just under £9 a month if anything goes wrong they fix it at no additional cost.

Here is when I get frustrated.  When you ring Sky and they say "Oh yes, this problem is affecting a lot of our customers - one of our updates went a bit wayward" you wonder why customer service does not come to the fore and a thought to value for money savings.  Surely a letter/email to all customers explaining the problem with a step by step guide of how to fix it would have made more business sense.  

I wonder if Sky get any profit from thousands of customers ringing an 08444 number and paying lord only knows what per minute to be walked through correcting the problem.....

Having said that, worth every penny - Sky is back to lovingly remembering to record the programmes I forget about on time.  So much so that I watched 45 minutes of zombie galore on The Walking Dead this morning!

So what stresses you out?

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