Friday, 7 December 2012

Five Things Friday

Hi guys...first an apology.  The amount of time between my posts is ridiculous...not that I have any regular readers anyhoo.  So this is my second Five Things Friday and this week I am simply going to discuss 5 things I have observed this week....well, because it's easy.

1.     Cala Fluff has an extra dewclaw on one of her back legs.  It's not attached very well and has a small nail on it which is a funny shape and we have got used to her having it and have never had a problem with it.  For the past week or so she has been nibbling at the foot but at the top.  Looking at it last night I noticed that the claw has grown but has rounded on itself very quickly and dug into the skin that holds it to her foot.  Let's ignore for the moment how bad I feel at not noticing before now and clipping it but instead wonder whether a, my dog is stupid or b, partially sighted because she has clearly been nibbling the wrong part of her foot!  Tonight, we try and clip the small feat considering it is curled like a little piggy's tail so can't be clipped with my conventional doggy nail clippers.  I can see her visiting the vet and costing me a fortune again....

2.     It is possible for it to be the 7th of December and for me not to have my entire house decorated for Christmas, still have outstanding present buying to do and to have not written one Christmas card.  It is beginning to drive me a little insane though.

3.     I am still no better at interviews than I was 3 years ago.  If I get the job I applied for it will be an absolute miricle.  

4.     You can almost guarantee that the car battery or some equally obscure thing will stop working and need replacing just before Christmas because to wait until the New Year would just make sense now wouldn't it?

5.     Time is a funny thing......Hubby and I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by but only when looked at as an overall picture; it doesn't feel like a whole year has gone by since last Christmas or that Hubby has been in his current job a whole year come Monday but I feel like I have known my very good friend A for 2-3 years when in fact it was only March when I met her for the first time.  Equally I feel like I have been married to Hubby for years yet it was only October and when I think about the wedding it seems like it was ages ago.  If we think about my operation which was just over a year ago now it feels like 2-3 years ago. Mind you, we shouldn't be surprised; I look at Beautiful B and feel like it was only a few years ago that she was 3 years old in Orlando eating half a muffin that was almost as big as her head with Grampa.

Oh and I still only feel about 20....which is never a bad thing.

What would your 5 things Friday be?  

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