Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What I learned this week

Hello guys and gals,

I've had a long weekend, using the requirement for car repairs to have Thursday off work and a funeral on Friday so it's been a funny ole weekend.  Let's see what I learned along the way;

1.     Having a hubby that doesn't drive shortens your day by over an hour and you can have a day off and feel like you have accomplished nothing.

2.     You are not really going to accomplish much if you sit and watch 3 episodes of Castle back to back and the latest episode of True Blood.

3.     You really can record far to much TV using the Sky planner.

4.     You can take the car to the garage because it has a squeak, replace the fan belt and still have a squeak when you pick it up.  Being assured that the car is not going to fall apart or blow up enables you to just pretend you have a mouse controlling the engine every time you turn the key.

5.     As much as you love her, the dog groomer can get very distracted and Abi's feet will remain untrimmed because this weeks distraction was the theft of an iron drain cover.  It will only confirm, however, that your dog groomer is a caring person as she rushes back and forth across the road trying to find anything in the shop big enough to cover up the hole to prevent someone being maimed.

6.     It is possible to drink from 1pm to 10pm and feel as sober as a judge - funerals help that.  You will feel slightly tipsy when you put your head on your pillow though.

7.     Abi fluff will attack an empty packet of crisps, pouncing, stalkig and throwing it around the room just as much as she does with her dog chews and teddies.

8.     Having seen the Christmas desserts for Marks & Spencers online you will repeatedly think about them and decide to pre-order them.  Note to self; throw in some fruit and veg on the order to reduce the danger of someone realising that it is just the desserts you are coveting.  Accept that everyone that knows you well has you sussed from the outset.

9.     You can get more and more angry at the delay in the delivery of 2 desktop calendars of Jensen Ackles.  It does not matter that they are getting here from Hong Kong or that one of them is a Christmas present, oh and for 2013, so there is plenty of time.  

10.    For the first time ever, you will feel entirely satisifed at being able to watch a film based on a book you have read when you can say "That brought the book to life and it was everything I imagined when reading it" instead of "Typical, the film is nowhere near as good as the book, I don't know why I bother watching these films" - in case you are wondering, yes it was "The Hunger Games".

10 is enough.  So what did you learn this week?    

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