Monday, 17 December 2012

Part 1 - How hubby and I almost never were

A background:

  • Dad was in the army until I was 6 during which time we moved 14 times.  
  • I have a sister two years younger than I (I do not speak to her - another story).
  • Dad left the army so that we could have a stable education
  • We lived with Nanny in a guest house for 2 years while mum and dad saved for the deposit on a house - I loved it there, I remember helping to change beds and be at the side near the wall because I was small and serving people when I was only just taller than the table.  I wasn't a child slave, I just loved helping out....
  •  I was scared of dogs - you tend to be when you have been bit by a dog through your nose at 2 years old.  The dog was bigger than me - at 6 months old the sheep dog was huge and we had been friends since it came to its owner.  Biting me for no reason resulted in the poor thing being put down and me being petrified of any dog.
  • Mum and Dad took me to see some Jack Russell puppies and Bobby came home with us.  He spend his life either led on my back with his head on the top of my head when I used to lie on the floor to watch TV, or I with my head on his belly while he slept on the floor.  
  • Bobby used to escape - where to, no idea but once he had wandered enough he would come home and sit at the front door and wait for one of us to walk past the door and see him through the frosted glass.
  • I studied hard, I was a geek but had a boyfriend called Simon when I was 15 and we were together for 4 years before getting engaged.  I moved in with him and his mum to help her with the bills and we last another 6 months before I came back home to mum and dad.
  • I met my first husband, got married within 6 months and was pregnant 8 months later.  Beautiful B was born and the marriage went downhill.  I filed for divorce and Beautiful B and I were given a roof over our heads by mum and dad.
  • Beautiful B grew up to have blonde hair just like I did when I was little.  Mum and Dad let her have a rabbit (I was never allowed one when I was little!) which lived with them until she died as she did not like our house when Beautiful B and I moved back into our home.
  • I met my second husband, became a Jehovah's Witness and was controlled to the extent that I was banned from drinking Coca Cola. I rebelled, he treat Beautiful B awfully and that ended our relationship.  He refused to move out, I bought a dog for Beautiful B; something he would not let me have while we were married before we agreed the marriage wasn't working.  Dad intervened to get him to move out and I got a sense of satisfaction when he wanted some time with Fred, Beautiful B's giraffe of a dog, to say goodbye.

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