Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What I learned this week

What I learned this week….

Well, this week has been pretty uneventful unless we count the colds we have all had.  It is the first I have suffered in a year so I am not complaining….much

  1. You can be around your Beautiful B for over a week and not catch the humdinger of a cold she has even if she does often occasionally forget to put her hand over her mouth while coughing;
  2. It can be incredibly frustrating to listen to Beautiful B cough and cough and cough when she refuses to take medicine (“it makes me sick”); I wonder who she could possibly have got that trait from (not me, it’s pills that used to make me sick at her age);
  3. You only need to be around one of your bestest friends for 2 hours when they have a cold to fetch it home with you;
  4. A wonderful hubby will wait on you hand and foot to nurse you better and make you hot chocolate (using milk!) and bacon butties for lunch;
  5. Your ears feel like you are still in the aeroplane that fetched you home from honeymoon;
  6. Despite feeling awful you can still get out of bed because you feel the need to do the washing and transfer it to the dryer;
  7. It’s easier to breathe through your nose when sat up than led in bed when full of a cold;
  8. Having a cold is a fabulous excuse to stay snuggled up in bed reading a book all weekend with occasional snoozes;
  9. The Hunger Games trilogy is addictive;
  10. You can read a whole book in 3 hours flat if not distracted;
  11. You can get frustrated when you lose the battle with your eyes on a Sunday night when you want to finish the third book in the trilogy;
  12. On the Monday you can feel much better and just amuse people with the squeaky voice you are left with;
  13. Oh and, you can then nurse your Hubby because you passed it onto him.

Now what did you learn this week?

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