Friday, 26 October 2012

Who or what to blame....

On the day we got married, Beautiful B was full of a cold.  For how poorly she felt she looks fabulous on the photographs and you would never know.  The poor mite struggled more and more as the day wore on and by 6pm gave up and had to go home and put herself to bed. 

Hubby and I went on honeymoon and have returned and over 2 weeks later she is still coughing.  and coughing.  and coughing.  

It's my fault; she refuses to take medicine "because it will make her sick" - she sounds like I did when I was young.  I drove my parents mad; I would take medicine but not pills for the same reason which became a problem once I got to 12 and couldn't have the banana tasting medicine as it was no longer strong enough.  

So Beautiful B coughs and coughs.  Some of the time she forgets to cover her mouth.  How she is still at work I do not know.  If I was one of her patients I would probably ask for another nurse; who wants to go to hospital for a hip replacement and come out with a cold as a leaving present?

So my cold could be Beautiful B's fault.

Then I went to see my best friend R who was full of a cold.  I sat next to her on the couch and looked at the wedding photos her boyfriend had taken of wedding guests R had ensured were in the photos. 

So it could be R's fault.

Then I went for a flu jab because I am apparently at risk;  I have asthma alledgedly (is that spelt correctly, mmmm) even though I haven't had a full on attack since I was 32. Does asthma cause your chest to feel tight during exertion?  If so, maybe I should be using the inhalers.  Anyhoo, I also take a stream of medication for things such as slipped discs, painful hands and arms, migraine blah blah blah.

So it could be the flu jabs fault but then Beautiful B looked at me with amusement when I said that because although they inject you with flu nastiness it does not cause you to get a cold and she "could get me a leaflet to prove it".  No thank you honey, I have enough to do sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose and wiping my streaming eyes just so I can work.

So apparently it isn't the flu jabs fault but I love Beautiful B and R and therefore don't want to blame them.  I don't like flu nastiness so I am going to blame them because I can.....

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