Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Spare a thought for New York and America today

Okay, it's rare I post twice a day...lets face it, rare I post regularly let alone daily but today I feel I have to put my feelings in writing.

I don't watch much news; all the bad news drives me mad and makes me sad about the state of the world.  So when Hubby showed me the footage of New York last night I sat in stunned silence.  Stunned silence thinking about the millions that would be affected and stunned silence at those that insisted on staying in their homes.  Stunned silence at those that insisted on staying in their home and then filming the ever rising water right outside their water side homes.

I couldn't help but wonder how those affected would fare; would their insurance cover the damage; how would they keep their families safe and how scared these must be as the weather worsened.

This morning Hubby and I sat safe in our beds watching the news as pictures of the devastation came in; of New York streets being underwater, of facades on buildings having been ripped away from peoples home (and thanking someone that they were safe), of a crane being bent completely in half.  The photos are still dark so I am sure there will be much more devastation yet to be assessed.

I watched in amazement at the differing weather conditions across America, at the snow that is piled up to 60 inches high in some areas.  One cannot help but be amazed at the power and the sheer size of the storm and one cannot help but feel for everyone involved and the repurcussions for America.

Which is why I was disgusted when people were tweeting Sky News this morning in disgust that the release of Assassins Creed 3 will be delayed as a result of the devastation to New York.  Really!  Really!?!  What about the 13 people who are known to have died in this storm and the many injured?  What about the financial repurcussions for New York, other areas, USA and above all the citizens of America.  

I am disgusted that people can be so selfish and a big part of me was sad that those thoughts are indications of what some of the world is coming to.

My heart goes out to all Americans today, for the devastation they face, the financial worries both personally and as a country and for the fear they must be facing.  I know that if nothing else Americans will band together to recover as they did after 9/11.


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