Wednesday, 12 September 2012


In a conversation with a relatively new friend, but one you know you are going to soon be calling one of your best friends, she was relaying how getting to 40 should be a celebration – let’s ignore the fact that she has no clue seen as she is 26….

She is right; I am more comfortable with myself than I have ever been, not including my body hang ups but then what woman doesn’t have them?  I am extremely happy, more confident as a person and quite frankly if people don’t like me then I don’t lose sleep over it anymore…much.

As I procrastinate, I will get to the point; during the conversation she mentioned how nice I was (thank you M) even though I was strange…what with the ‘meowing’ and all. It made me giggle and I thought I might relay one incident of such ‘meowing’.

Back in the days of husband number 2 (yep, hubby is risking his happiness with me) I was a Jehovah’s Witness – yes, forgive me for that too – I was having a temporary moment of insanity.

Now they have 5 meetings a week, 3 of which are in Kingdom Halls.  The whole congregation joins in discussions based around the extracts of the bible and associated beliefs etc. 

The meetings aren’t small so to avoid the need to shout out an answer to questions from the elders microphones are available.  Male congregation members (because women aren’t allowed to do it) walk around with the microphone and if you want to answer a question it is brought to you.

So one day I am being a good Jehovah’s Witness wife and keeping Beautiful B quiet and submitting to my husband, and he is answering a question.  Beautiful B is colouring in a book and I am colouring with her while listening to the discussion when I drop the crayon. 

I leaned to the floor to pick up the crayon and when I looked at Beautiful B she is laughing her head off.  Husband looks at me with a look of thunder and I said to Beautiful B “What?”

Her response?

“Your ‘meow’ was just heard on the loud speakers.”

“What ‘meow’?”

“The one you did when you dropped the crayon.”

Cue the explanation of husband’s look of thunder…..He was sat next to me answering a question into the microphone as I said “Meow” and the microphone picked it up through the speaker system for the whole congregation to hear.   

Now I will admit I am weird and I have absolutely no idea why I say “Meow” in a high squeaky voice when I drop things.  I couldn’t even tell you when it started. I have been doing it for years.  It seriously isn’t the only weird thing I do and I will be forever grateful that Hubby finds it hilarious and endearing.
However, that was the day that I realised that I obviously “Meow” and have absolutely no idea that I am doing it.  M is dating my ex-brother in law and we all go out regularly.  He thinks I am mad and he isn’t far wrong so he has either told her I “Meow” or I have done it, once again, without realising.

Alone, nothing to worry about, but given the fact that if hubby and I are talking in the car and we are going somewhere other than home or work I start driving to one or the other of those places should I start to worry?

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