Monday, 10 September 2012

To the point....

Because I am so busy and it is a great idea, I am borrowing an idea from a great blogger at From Inmates to Playdates (I am nothing if not unoriginal) and updating in brief today as it has been so long and I am so very busy....

  • Back from Newcastle after 8 weeks
  • Great to be home with Hubby, Beautiful B and the fluff bags
  • Working 2 jobs and
  • Doing Treasury role for 2 clubs...
  • makes for one busy person
  • Lack of time to clean house to usual standard driving me nuts
  • Organising a 40th party for my 40th next weekend
  • Organising my hen night for 2 weeks after that 
  • Organising my wedding for a week after that
  • Worrying the dress is too small
  • makes for a lot of stress...
  • and palpatations...
  • which leads to an ECG - all clear, as expected
  • Visit to my good friend and lifesaver at the undergarmets shop results in a trip to a tailor
  • adjustments to the wedding dress and design of a specially made shrug....
  • results in a slightly less stressed person and an offer to be corseted into the dress by someone who knows what they are doing - Yay
  • Dining table being used as storage for accessories for 40th party and wedding
  • Makes for a scruffy looking dining room
  • Organising 3 big parties in 4 weeks may not have been such a good idea
  • and makes for a LOT of lists on paper, iphone and ipad.....
  • which are constantly being added to
  • Still extremely busy in my main role and finding myself getting behind, drives me insane
  • Having said all that, will be worth it and more
  • Cannot wait to be officially married to Hubby
  • Sharing it with close family and friends
  • Celebrating my 40th finally feeling comfortable in myself, if not my body (but then what woman does)
  • Excited about the surprise 40th novelty cake designed by Beautiful B and Angel
  • Not so excited about my life story in pictures being put up on a board for all to see - thank you Angel!
  • A hen weekend on scary rides, a waterpark and then a spa with 4 of my closest is my idea of bliss
  • I am sure you can tell I am not stressing at all from this update ;-)

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