Thursday, 13 September 2012

What I learned this week

Another week of rushing from one thing to another and meeting myself backwards with some lessons on the way:

1. If you insist on throwing a 40th birthday party you have to learn to go with the flow and accept that your life long friends and daughter are going to want to put a photo board up which includes some cringe worthy photos.

2. Even when you have a multitude of lists you may still feel that you are missing something....most likely your marbles.

3.  It's very difficult to concentrate on much of anything when you brain is full of planning for a 40th, hen party and wedding all in a 4 week period.

4. It takes much longer to find and print directions to a friends wedding venue and a hotel than you think it might.

5. As does burning a playlist from iTunes for the wedding because your disc drive doesn't want to play.

6. Your daughter is likely to go overboard on presents for your 40th despite you telling her off for doing so...probably because you have gone overboard with her presents all her life.

7. If you have 4 dogs and one of them cuts themselves, the other 3 will clean it excessively and take away all the hair around it, leaving it sore.  If it is on the side of the fluff bags face she will scratch it and take the scab off - get a 'bucket thingy' (technical phrase) from the vet early on to prevent it.

8. You may not have though said fluffer could be any cuter than she already is, until she has the bucket on her head.

9. Accept that your dining room table is going to look hideous for 2 weeks while it stores things needed for the 40th on one side of the table and the wedding on the other side.

10. Just roll with it when you go to the Registry Office to pay the balance of the bill and provide requested wording and CD with music for the wedding only for the registrar to request that the CD be brought on the day of the wedding instead; after you slaved for hours trying to get it done on time.

11. Even when a film is very funny, Hubby will still need to keep nudging you to keep you awake.

12. Hubby does not understand the concept of new clothes for the honeymoon not being worn before the honeymoon - instead he will iron the T-shirts he likes and wear them that day.  

13. I don't like the number 13 but I wouldn't call myself superstitious.

14. Although you can be so stressed about organising 3 huge events in 4 weeks to the point of feeling like a cannonball is sat on your chest you do start to feel the excitement of the party building when you are 2 days away from it.
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