Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What I learned this week

This week I have been alternating between sleeping in my own bed and a hotel bed while working away from home.  Lessons are aplenty….

1.      When teaching yourself how to do frosting on cupcakes it is an idea to remember whether you are left or right handed.

2.      It’s impossible to put cake mix into cupcake cases without licking the cake mix off your fingers.

3.      Dogs become quickly addicted to frosting.

4.      Dogs will run around your house like complete lunatics about an hour after eating frosting.

5.      Dogs will beg for a whole hour for cake mix and frosting the next time you make cupcakes.

6.      If you pack a cardigan and take it to the restaurant and lovingly place it over the back of your chair remember to take it with you when you leave because you will never see it again.

7.      When in a city that has a metro train services remember that every train does not go to the destination you want and you might end up finding your way to the airport instead of the office.

8.      When travelling pack a pair of “sensible” shoes; preferably one without a heel but if you must insist on non-sensible shoes wear heels that are solid rather than made from the somewhat spongy cork or rubber because you are more likely to fall in those.

9.      Try not to fall when it is raining on a road that has dirty puddle and wet leaves because they tend to be highly visible on the light blue top you are wearing.

10. In case you fall make sure you travel with a different top or jacket in case 9 happens.

Now, what did you learn?
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