Wednesday, 27 June 2012

And she scores a hat trick

Our beautiful B is training to be a nurse.  If you read the blog archive you will see I regularly spew how fantastic she is – here we go again.

Beautiful B has been training to be a health care assistant for 2 years.  She has decided she isn’t ready to do the full nurses training as they spend more time doing paperwork than caring for patients and before she is promoted to the world of paper mountains she wants to care for individuals.  I love that she wants to do that; at least until she decides she needs more money.

Being greedy, we did not have one graduation to go to but two.  Working away from home at the moment I sent Hubby and R to the first graduation to cheer her on and support her.  I was receiving regular text updates from Hubby.  We expected Beth to get her graduation certificate – I received a text to say she had received the student of the year award.  I wished I had been there to cheer her on; I could have started a Mexican wave in her honour.

The following day she had a graduation ceremony for cadets throughout the country.  So mum, dad, R and I piled in a car to Liverpool to cheer her on again.  My phone was fully charged ready to send updates to Hubby who was poorly in bed. 

After paying an extortionate amount for lunch and coffee (they had a captive customer base after all) and convincing mum that her roll was not stale merely a different type of bread we sat in a darkened auditorium eagerly waiting to cheer Beautiful B again.

I was disappointed that the cadets weren’t given pretend certificates.  Yes I know she had already received it in the post but it seemed a bit of let down to have each area’s cadets go up to the stage merely to receive a round of applause and then sit back down again.

Except, for each town one cadet received a merit award – that was our Beautiful B.  I trampled on everyone’s feet in my row to get to her and give her a huge hug.

After an hour they got to the cadet of the year awards – 3 to be given out – 1 for each area of the country.  They kept us guessing reading out why each cadet had been awarded before reading out their name.  We knew one was Beth before they got to the end of the first sentence. 

Dad was crying, mum was crying, I was trying to wolf whistle and cheered instead.  I was so happy that she looked totally ecstatic on the stage.  I again trampled over everyone’s feet to get to her and that is when she had a little cry.  After all, part of the reason she was given the award was due to her determination to continue in her studies in the hospital where both her dad and sister had died only 4 weeks before.  Given the choice I know she would choose to have them here and then there was the added knowledge that she cannot physically share her success with her dad.

So, Beautiful B scored a hat trick and won all 3 awards on offer. 

I always knew of her inner strength and determination.  I knew about her work ethic; after all Hubby and I instilled it in her.  I did not need to be told how wonderful she is but for her to receive recognition of it gives her confidence and a boost to continue to strive to give 100%, a firm belief in her abilities and for that I am eternally grateful.

My Beautiful B is amazing and now I know that others see it in her too.

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