Tuesday, 19 June 2012

What I learned this week

It’s been a changeable week, a bit like the weather….

1.      When you have a somewhat stressful office job during the week, getting a second job can be a chance to enjoy serving customers and making their day better as well as a bit like playing shop instead of increasing your stress levels.

2.      Being told that people like working with you because you are always happy makes you smile even more.

3.      Customer’s who don’t want to wait for their chicken to be cooked fresh when there is a rush on because of the football complain and you might so desperately want to tell the woman you have apologised twice to for the wait, and who works at the famous burger chain and whose burger chain would never run out of said burgers that if they are so wonderful maybe she should go and buy her chicken burgers from there.

4.      You might also want to remind her that that chains burgers are made in batches and therefore when sold may have been on display for quite a time whilst yours are made to order.

5.      It’s a good job that you don’t take your purse to work because it means that even if you are tempted to try one of the chicken burgers you can’t and the desire will have disappeared the next time you go on shift.
6.      It’s refreshing to feel energised enough to get up at stupid o’clock on a Sunday to make frosted cupcakes so that you can give your dad a personalised present on Father’s Day but it might be an idea to get dressed first because your Beautiful B may take a photo of you feeding frosting to the dogs in your dressing gown and un-brushed hair!

7.      It’s a bad idea to feed the dogs frosting, even if only a little: first they go a bit loopy with the sugar rush then their digestive systems decide it’s not so nice.

8.      You really can choose your friends but not your family members and as much as you love them sometimes you have to remember that you would not tolerate that behaviour or treatment from non-family members.

9.      When you are treated awfully by someone who should be the last person you would expect it from, your friends, Hubby, Beautiful B and parents will rally around you to remind you that you have nothing to feel guilty about and you will be reminded how much you are loved.

Now, what did you learn?
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  1. Stupid O'clock. I like that. =)

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