Thursday, 28 June 2012

A new career?

Beautiful B is raising money for charity.  The charity that would have assisted her dad.  In a bid to help I have decided that if I could decorate cupcakes with frosting she could sell them.

I did well finding a shop that sold what I needed and merrily started making cakes.  It didn’t matter that most of the cakes were unlikely to be eaten – what with Beautiful B and me trying to be good and Hubby not liking cake. 

It was only after I had made 40 cupcakes that I realised that I could have practiced the frosting without the aid of cakes.  I won’t even tell you what the frosting looked like on the first batch but they were slightly better on the second.  Appearance isn’t everything after all.

It’s amazing how fast dogs become addicted to cake mix and frosting.  It has to be a drug – Lily is not clever enough to learn how to do more than sit let alone remember that flour, sugar, eggs and butter = cake but she knew.  She sat and cried for a whole hour at my feet for cake mix and frosting.

The frosting made all the dogs hyper and let’s face it Abi fluff does not need help in order to be hyper – instead of jumping into my arms she was attempting to jump on my head within an hour of finishing it off with the other dogs.

All I can say is that it is a good job that I was away the night that we discovered that one or either of those does not mix with a dog’s digestive system – Hubby was and I have been warned on pain of death never to give it them again.

So far we have sampled lemon cupcakes, raspberry cupcakes, chocolate orange cupcakes and lime and coconut cupcakes. 

R loved the chocolate cupcakes so much that the night he sampled them he didn’t even say hello to me – his first comment was “Those cupcakes are better than shop bought cupcakes!”  I doubt another batch would last long.    

Hubby loves the lime and coconut ones – yes I know; he does not like cake.  He wants them again minus the frosting which is a “dentist’s dream”.

Having made mountains worth of cupcakes mum and dad, Aunty B and Uncle J are getting edible presents each weekend and the neighbours are also benefiting. 

My icing skills are improving but I am finding it almost impossible not to lick the cake mix off my fingers after filling up the cupcake cases ready for the oven.  That isn’t going to do my diet any good at all.

I have developed a love of making cupcakes and so you never know when I win the lottery I may be breeding Bichon Frise puppies and making cupcakes.

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