Thursday, 28 June 2012

Things come in threes

Ever since I was a little girl many moons ago my mum used to tell me that things come in threes – usually bad things, I have to say.   I’m also accident prone.  Oh and I have brains but no common sense according to my mum.  I’ve grown up with that saying also.

So with that in mind here is a quick extract from last week.

I am working away at the moment in a city.  Blackpool only wishes it was a city!  Being a city, Newcastle has a metro service to help ferry people from and too different parts of the city.   

I found a nice hotel.  Seen as I believe that the warm function on hotel air conditioning is a fat out lie, this hotel was warmer than most.  Still, I went to breakfast because you never know….  I lovingly placed it on the back of the chair and marvelled at how I had bare arms and did not feel cold - a definite miracle.  I was that comfortable I left it on the back of the chair – never to be seen again!

I got on the metro service safe in the knowledge that my forward planning ensured I knew which stop I needed to get to the office.   Except it didn’t – it was taking me to the airport; in my excitement I forgot that different trains have different destinations – cue an additional 35 minutes to get to work.

I’m not the safest on my feet – I fall over thin air on a regular basis.  In fact, when I was 3 I fell over thin air while running with my little wooden dog on wheels with a spring for a tail and bit straight through my tongue.  The stitches weren’t much fun but the ice-cream for a week was. 

Anyhoo, the fact that I fell over not long after alighting the metro had nothing to do with the fact that I was trying to read a text but everything to do with having a lack of balance.  Pity it was raining and my light blue top was covered in dirty rain water and leaves.  Once it dried it brushed off so I was not too distressed though I did have to explain my somewhat bedraggled appearance and cut fingers on arriving at the office.

So there we are – things do come in threes it would seem.  I seemed to confuse my temporary team mates by deciding that as I had suffered 3 mishaps that morning the rest of the day would be absolutely fabulous; they seemed to expect me to be berating the world for my misfortunes.  They obviously do not know yet that my glass is always half full – and do you know what?  The rest of the day was indeed absolutely fabulous.

Talking of my glass half full….

I read a lot of blogs which probably explains why I cannot get round to reading the mountain of books I have at home.  All Fooked Up is a blog I happened to stumble onto one day and I have been hooked ever since. 

Lynn makes me laugh every day with her unique view of the world and her glass always seems overflowing.  She hosts a “Go Ahead….Amuse Me” post each week featuring other bloggers and I am honoured to be that blogger today.  So head on over to her page and read my post but most of all sit a while and read Lynn’s entries and you will be as hooked as I am. 

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  1. Oh NOES!! I would have probably tripped over my own feet, too, getting off of the bus. I can't stand up straight in tennis shoes (uh trainers?) let alone business models.