Tuesday, 10 April 2012

To eat an Easter egg or not to eat an Easter egg...that is the question

So, this was the week that I managed to drag myself to fat fighters to be weighed.  In a bid for next week's weigh in to be better I wore my jeans and boots.  Normal you ask?  Oh no, it is probably the only place where you can go and watch a bunch of women strip almost naked without having to pay for it.  Nevertheless, I had a minor heart attack as my best guess was completely out of the ball park.

So much so that when G the leader asked how it was my response was "You REALLY don't want to know."  As she said though, I was there and that was all that mattered or that is what I kept telling myself.

This week I have been good, I have needed a loan for the price of fruit and vegetables but I am back to slaving over a hot stove making healthy meals and cooking more than enough home made soup than a soup kitchen would require.

Except this week it was Easter. 

Was I going to succumb?  I had seen a gorgeous Ferrero Rocher egg in one supermarket but even I baulked at the £10 price tag.  I did venture into another branch of the same supermarket for one but as they had sold out that dilemma was decided for me.

I was doing so well.  Instead of eating chocolate and helping myself to the picnic Hubby fetched home from the shop (on two separate occassions) because he was peckish (one of which cost £26!) I busied myself eating fruit - I am not sure that eating a full punnet of grapes in a day is altogether that healthy calorie wise but as they say....it's the thought that counts....

Easter Sunday I happily took us off to mum-in-laws safe in the knowledge that I could control my points - gammon and veg with maybe a small new potato and I was sorted.  Until she appeared with 2 Easter eggs and to top it off explained she had got the wrong desserts and the usual 2 points for a diet chocolate eclair (yes you read that right) turned into 5 points for a piddly chocolate cake thingymajig. 

To top it off, G the brother-in-law produced 2 further eggs though I am safe in the knowledge that whilst I may succumb to the wrapped centres I will leave the egg and the centres are easy - 2 points each.

It's not even like I can give them to Beautiful B - she refused to work out how much weight she had gained at fat fighters which I deemed to mean it was almost as bad as my record-breaking weight gain and to top that off she does not like Easter egg chocolate because "it tastes funny".

I can at least be safe in the knowledge that Hubby won't be disappearing off to the shop for more treats this week as he has 4 eggs to get through.

I am guaranteed to lose weight this week though as I will not be wearing the jeans and boots again - it could be considered to be cheating except....
1. I haven't and
2. You just know I am going to succumb to weighing the jeans and boots before Wednesday don't you?

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