Monday, 23 April 2012

Remind me where the weekend was again....

Top of the mornin' to y'all.  

Oh, how it seems eons ago that I had 7 day weekends and my house was spotless in which I  pottered about wondering what to do next (as long as it did not involve the gym).  There was a time the idea of not working terrified I long for it with abandon.

Beautiful B's other half, R stays over every weekend these days.  This weekend he had a rare weekend off work so when she got up at the crack of dawn to go and earn her pennies he spent the day in bed.  

Is every young man able to spend the whole day in bed just watching TV?  I have no experience to draw upon.  He can be grateful he wasn't born to me - I'd have dragged him out of bed by his feet by 10.30.  Maybe it means he is growing or something....

After doing all the chores that I could quietly decided 1.30pm was late enough for him to sleep, whacked some QueensRyche and then Def Leppard on at almost full volume and commenced the hoovering.

Saturday was a day filled with chores;
  • 2 bouts of the weekly shop (yes!  I know that is only because I am a fussy mare and prefer one shop to the one I take Hubby's mum too each week)
  • A trip to drop Hubby off to his bi-monthly all day and night drinking session with his buddies - gone are the times where he wanders in at 4 am.  Now his excuse for wandering in around midnight consist of "I'm old..."
  • 5 loads of washing
  • which turned into another one when Lily fluff waited until I had changed the bedding to throw up on it!
  • Sweeping the whole house
  • Mopping all the wooden floors
  • Polishing
  • Preparing and cooking 2 huge batches of different soups in preparation for the week
  • hoovering the stairs and the top floor
  • Picking Beautiful B up to buy clothes for an job interview at the hospital on Tuesday
  • ....hanging about on a rather comfortable chair reading a book while she tried on the WHOLE store
  • cooking tea
  • 4 loads of washing pots (as I had been so busy making recipes you see....just call me Mrs Domesticated)
On picking Beautiful B up from work to take her to buy clothes R said "You were hoovering for AGES today."  I was quietly impressed with myself especially as bottom floor has absolutely not one piece of carpet - YES I KNOW!  Don't say it, I am a freak.  Personally I blame my dad - being ex-army he had a habit of doing a room inspection every Sunday and I had a habit of changing my room around every other weekend.

On relaying the conversation to my mum yesterday her response was "Well you are like your dad and insist on hoovering the same piece of carpet 20 times!"  Well, if that is what it takes for me to be assured I have picked up every last dog hair.....

Sunday was a mixture as always - cleaning with visits to and from family and friends;
  • Up early to make Hubby breakfast in bed - left to his own devices he would have warmed up the left over kebab he fetched home - urgh!
  • Cleaned every window in the house (inside and out)
  • Cleaned the bathroom
  • Swept the floors again
  • Visit to mum and dad
  • Lunch at Hubby's mum - and oh my gosh how gorgeous the roast dinner was!  I ate nearly 2 days worth of points in one meal!  Good job she fills me up so much I never need dinner.
  • Trip to the supermarket (again - only 3 times in 2 days then....) for biscuits needed for a recipe and pizza bases - no supermarket in Blackpool appears to be selling them at the minute! Gggrrr)
  • Visit from Jo and Molly (previously known as Scrappy Fluff)
  • Couple of hours work on the football accounts - which would have been 1 hour had I not made an intentional mistake that I then had to correct
  • More washing - Beautiful B's idea of doing some laundry is to put it in the wash, switch the machine on and hope the washer fairies will transfer it to dryer and then fold it up on completion
  • then finally a sit down to catch up on some TV programmes
  • ....pity I fell asleep within the first hour. 
 I worked out the points used on what was a 1/4 of a small gateau for lunch - 10!  10!  Still not convinced it was worth it and today's breakfast and lunch consist mostly of fruit and vegetables with a vegetable soup for dinner in an attempt to feel virtuous.  I mean 10 points would require a 10 mile walk in exercise to reclaim.

I cannot have gateau in my house any more.  Hubby is weird and does not "do" cake - you can tell how interesting any wedding cake plans are going to be now can't you?! Unfortunately I cannot find a baker that makes wedding cheesecake...

A gateau rarely lasts long enough for Beautiful B to come through the door and claim a piece. I see little point in taking the gateau out of it's packaging to defrost - I mean there is less washing up when you can just eating it direct from it's ready made dish leaving only a spoon to clean.  A day and a halves points in one sitting.

Small wonder I got so big then.....Here's a toast to finally finding some self control.

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