Monday, 23 April 2012

A birthday much like any other...apparently

This should have posted a week ago – me and technology….

Today you celebrate another birthday – or rather every one else does on your behalf because apparently “when you are 64 one birthday is much the same as another.”

Buying presents for you has always been hard and more so now you are retired – after all, if you see something you want you just go out and buy it.  Your suggestion of “something for the car” was useless if I am honest – I mean the car is spotless, not even a year old and like everything else; if you need something for the car you have already bought it and probably a spare for good measure.

So Beautiful B and I took the proverbial….filling a goodie back with all sorts of those label things people stick on their windows with funny sayings, a selection of different smelling air fresheners and cleaning products.

I always said I needed to find a Hubby just like you.  I got the first two wrong and you being you never said anything bad about either of them until I made my mind up about that myself. This time I got it right and you and mum approve of my choice.  In Sean you found a son you thought you would never have.

Dad you are our rock and our protector!  You always have been, you have been there for us all from the day we were born and from the day you married mum.  Your gentleness, understanding and love when we were growing up gave us a template to find a perfect partner when we grew up.  In you, along with mum, we found the strength we needed in our darkest moments and, when needed; the firm instruction to get on with things.

You instilled wonderful virtues in me and I strive to live by those each and every day.  We have always been close but as you get older and I begin to see the frailty and realise that it is now my turn to look after and protect you and mum.

Dad you scared the life out of us 2 years ago when you had your second stroke.  It scared the life out of you and to see you so scared was such an eye opener.  They kept you in the hospital for a week but we knew you were getting better when you were doing Spiderman impressions behind the ward doors pretending to try and find a way out.

I struggle to remember a time when I was growing you where you were frustrated and you were so rarely angry; your control and patience was an example to us all.  Unfortunately this latest stroke took that away from you and your inability to control your emotions has been extremely hard and frustrating for you.

The dynamic of your relationship with mum has changed and while you still love each other as much as ever, if not more, watching the two of you interact can sometimes be amusing as you are much more likely to express your frustration over little things – something we have all had to get used to. 

I am desperately trying to learn as much DIY from you as I can because, lets face it, Hubby is useless at it and is scared of some of it. 

Dad you will always be my hero.  With mum, you instilled excellent morals and standards for me to follow and pass onto Beautiful B.  Because of you and Mum I strived for better opportunities and have been able to support Beautiful B on my own until Hubby came along.  You instilled a work ethic in me that is to be admired and I have passed that onto Beautiful B who, as we know, works her little rocks off.

I hope that I do you proud.  I hope that my love for you is evident every time I see and speak to you.  I hope that I have achieved everything that you wanted me to.  I hope that you can see that I am finally happy with my partner and that he will cherish me and Beautiful B long after you and mum are gone; that we are safe and secure and more than loved.

Happy Birthday and here is a toast to many more to come.   

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