Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Is there anyone dizzier?

Three weeks Hubby and I had an appointment (related to the secret).  I was so organised. All the documentation I needed was in my bag and I arranged to pick Hubby up at 2.45 so that we were assured of being on time.  I will say at this point that Hubby's bug bear is that he hates being late for anything.  

So I arrived early to meet him and parked in my usual spot and took out my iPhone and proceeded to read a bit of a free book on iBooks - werewolf books by Nicky Clarke - totally free and great - download them, you'll love them. 

Hubby didn't arrive and I started to get antsy, I turned the car round and drove into his work and out he was sauntering at 2.55.  I'm rather laid back, Hubby's attitude has mellowed me but today he got told off - after all this appointment was very important and of all appointments he should care enough about this one to make sure we were there on time.

The appointment was arranged for 3.20 - we arrived at 3.05.  I didn't apologise for worrying too much - did he not feel this appointment was as important as I did?  I went into this appointment first only to discover that although all documentation had been in a nice neat pile on our table I hadn't picked it all up and without it I would need to make another appointment. 

Hubby was okay, he had all his documentation and I was sheepish; there I had been telling him off (or my version of which is mild to most people) and yet I was totally unprepared.  So we sorted Hubby out and I made another appointment for the following week - after apologising about 20 times.

Except I wrote the appointment down and then put all the paperwork away somewhere "safe" - "safe" has previously resulted in Hubby buying me a keyring that responded to a whistle because I kept putting my keys somewhere "safe".

I didn't stress too much, Hubby told me when the appointment was and so I sorted all the paperwork out and checked it twice ready for my appointment at 2.40pm.  Except my appointment was not at 2.40pm, it was the day before at 2.40pm!

Many people would be totally exasperated by me at this point. Not Hubby - his response was "Please don't ever change!"  I am so grateful I have him because I am convinced that no-one else would put up with this level of dizziness.

So, if there was a meeting for it called Dizziness Anonymous then I would be first in line because even with 3 calendars and 2 "To Do" lists I still can't get an appointment correct.

Last week I attended the appointment again and with all the correct documentation - I was very proud of myself. 
I am aware this post is a little cryptic - but then the appointment is part of "the secret" and as I am sworn to secrecy I cannot divulge what it was for...just yet.

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