Friday, 13 April 2012

Fatigue Friday....again

Just when I thought I was safe!  Fatigue Friday strikes again - last week must have just been lulling me into a false sense of security.

Last night I visited Fi, who is the most creative person I know (HEY! I am an accountant, don't judge...we aren't by nature creative people).  I visited the night before and she was making wedding invitations for one of her church friends who is getting married two weeks before Fi renews her wedding vows to her hubby. 

As a kid I love all things stationery.  I spent I don't know how much of my pocket money on the stuff and for a while when I first started working for this lot I was allowed to order stationery and had a field day, within budgets of course.  Nowadays we have spoilsports for procurement peeps and they have restricted all things fun from the stationery list so it doesn't bother me so much as they have sucked all the nice pretty coloured things from the order and to top it all there aren't any pretty pictures to look at.

Anyhoo....what stationery didn't have when I was a kid was card making equipment and Fi has tons of the stuff with lots of nifty gadgets.  What is so fun about plastic board thingy with lines on it or the diddy hole punch thingy I hear you ask.  Well!  Let me tell you! 

The plastic thingy with lines o it is used to score a piece of card in all sorts of ways to make a perfectly straight folded card! 

The hole punch thingy (yes that is a technical the ribena dictionary) punches the corners of the card to make a perfectly rounded edge.  Now I love that! 

Weird of me to be so excited about simple things?  Well yes but I am weird, my life is full of weirdness....I have a stuffed alien in my bedroom for goodness sake what do you expect.

So I did a 12 hour day at work yesterday and then trollied off to Fi's to help make cards.  Except....the paper trimmer wasn't trimming a perfect edge on the paper and we can't have jaggidy edges on wedding invitations so my fun was spoiled. 

Obviously I stayed to spend some time with Fi before driving to the completely opposite side of town to pick up Beautiful B from the pub...I am so going to start charging her petrol costs.....

Then I took us both home, gave Hubby a hug and promptly took myself to bed.....directly to bed with my head on the pillow without lights, books, iBooks...nothing except blissful sleep within 5 minutes of my head hitting the pillow.  This morning I was up before dawn to let the fluff bags out and to make Hubby's lunch then crawled back into bed and could cheerfully have slept for another 5 hours or so before lazing around in bed for the rest of the day. 

So fatigue Friday is back and I am wishing the days work away before I can get home and go directly to bed without passing go or collecting £200.

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